Is Narnia Based Off a Real Place?

A winter wonderland.
A winter wonderland.

The fantasy world of Narnia described by British writer C. S. Lewis in his series of seven fantasy novels "The Chronicles of Narnia" was named after Narni. Lewis saw the town of Narni in an atlas while he was young. In Narnia, Lewis' fictional world in the novels, magic is common, animals can talk, and there are many mythical beasts. According to Clive, the fantasy world was created by Aslan. The creation of the fictional world was witnessed by 6 creatures (Frank the cabman, Andrew Ketterley, Digory Kirke, Jadis, Polly Plummer, and the Empress-of-Charn). After Aslan finished creating Narnia, he made Cabby and Helen the first rulers of Narnia. Aslan created the talking animals and gave them and all the magical beings the fantasy world to rule with care and wisdom.

Is Narnia Based On A Real Place?

Yes, Narnia is based on a hill-town known as Narnia which existed over 2,000 years ago in the Italian peninsula, currently referred to as Narni. It is approximately 50 miles from Rome and in the Umbria commune, Central Italy. The remnants of Narni’s extensive history from the pre-Roman era to the ancient and medieval Narnia still exist. The area around Narni was initially known as Nequinum, but after the Romans conquered the region, they renamed it Narnia in 299 BC. Narni became part of the papal city in 755. However, the town managed to increase in power and wealth during the eleventh century and opposed the Pope in 1112. Narnia entered into an alliance with Rome and Perugia against the Roman Empire. Cardinal Albornoz recaptured it during the twelfth century. Narni merged with the Roman Republic and revolted against Pope Gregory XVI in 1831. Narni was annexed to Italy in 1860.

Where Did Lewis Find The Name Narnia?

Clive Lewis adopted taken the name ‘’Narnia’’ from the Italian town of Narni whose Latin name is Narnia. Clive Lewis came across the town of Narni in an Atlas when he was young, and he just loved its name. When writing about Narni and Narnia, Roger Green, a British writer, described how Lewis shows Walter Hooper where he found the name Narnia. Lewis showed Hooper Murray’s Atlas where he had underscored the town Narni.

The Difference Between Narni And Narnia

Both Narni and Narnia have animals, but the only difference between the two places is that Narnia is home to talking animals. However, there are no talking insects or fishes in Narnia. The native of Narnia were dwarfs while Italians occupy Narni. These dwarfs are distinguished by the color of their hair (Red and Black Dwarfs). The Black Dwarfs are hostile and selfish while the Red Dwarfs are kind. In Narnia, the natives of Narnia were referred to as the Sons of Earth while people from the earth are known as the Daughters of Eve and sons of Adam. Eleven people from earth managed to enter Narnia, and this includes a woman, four girls, two men, and four boys. There are no mythological creatures in Narni, but Narnia is home to various creatures including Dryads, Dragons, Centaurs, Boggles, Minotaurs, Maenads, Hamadryads, Griffins, Ettins, and Efreets, among others.


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