How Much Do Canadians Spend On Their Pets?

A large percentage of Canadian pet owners regard pets as members of their family.
A large percentage of Canadian pet owners regard pets as members of their family.

Human beings have kept pets for more than 12,000 years, with the most common pets on the planet being cats and dogs. The history of pets is intertwined with the history of animal-domestication, and dogs could be the first pets ever kept by human beings. Today, some of the world’s most common pets include dogs, cats, birds, fish, and hamsters, among others.

The Most Popular Pets In Canada

Over 57% of the homes in Canada had pets in 2017, which is about 7.5 million households. The most popular pets in Canada are dogs and cats, with over 37% of the homes in Canada owning a cat and 41% owning at least 1 dog. The population of dogs in Canada has increased from 2016 to 2018, while the number of cats in the country has stabilized. Despite the growth in the population of dogs, the number of cats (over 8.3 million) continues to outnumber dogs in the country. The population of dogs is now nearly equal to the number of cats in Canada for the first time since 2014. Over 9% of the population owns other types of pets, including birds, fish, hamsters, and reptiles, among others. Some of the legal exotic pets in Canada include fennec fox, sugar glider, muntjac deer, wallaby, and capybara, among others.

How Much Are Canadians Spending On Their Pets?

Owning a pet is becoming more expensive in Canada, but not because the price of numerous normal pet services like vet visits have increased. Pet ownership is more costly because pet owners consider them to be members of the family. Therefore they do everything they can to make sure that the pet feels at home and loved. A study conducted by Ipso Reid in 2001, revealed that over 83% of urban Canadian pet owners consider their pets to be part of their families. As people try to make their pets part of their families, manufacturers have introduced products that help make the pets feel at home.In Canada, pet owners spent more on their pets in 2018 than they did on their hobbies, toys, and games. The amount of cash spent on pets and pet food increased from $3.278billion in 2014 to $5.181billion in 2018. The amount spent on veterinary and other pet services in 2018 was $3.667 billion. Canadians spent $8.848 billion on pets in 2018, which exceeded what they spent on their hobbies, toys, and games ($5.855 billion). A considerable percentage of the cash was spent on food, which gets more expensive with time. The price of numerous eco-friendly pet services, pet spas, puppy daycare, pet walking, and pet sitting services is on the rise. Canadians purchase specialty shampoos, designer outfits, and even holiday presents for their pets.

The Cost Of Owning A Pet In Canada

Owning a pet is more than just filling its bowls with water and food and taking it for a walk in the park, especially when the pet is young. A research conducted by confirmed that the price of a pet during its first year is $1,921.12 for a kitten and $2,600.10 for a puppy. The bulk of caring for a pet comes from the first time essential needs like kennels, a carrier, leash, bowls, and bed.


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