Highest Mountains In Northern Ireland

Slieve Donard, the highest mountain in Northern Ireland, in County Down.
Slieve Donard, the highest mountain in Northern Ireland, in County Down.

Northern Ireland forms a constituent unit of the United Kingdom and is commonly referred to as a province, region, or even country that is part of the larger United Kingdom. Northern Ireland has several destinations including the national parks, lush forest, shopping malls, the coastal areas, and the mountains. Mournes, in the County Down, is a popular destination for tourist visiting the country. The area is popular for its beautiful landscape, several tracks and paths, rivers, and lakes. The Mournes have also been used as areas of scientific research because of the rich flora and fauna. The first seven highest peaks in Northern Ireland forms part of the Mourne Mountains. Six of these peaks are over 700 meters high. The Mountains of Northern Ireland are famous for climbing and hiking with several climbing paths. The mountains are also an important source of water for most households. The highest mountains in Northern Ireland are looked at below.

Slieve Donard

Slieve Donard, meaning Donairt’s Mountain, is a 2,789-foot-tall mountain located near the town of Newcastle in County Down. It forms part of the Mourne Mountains, and it is also the highest peak in Northern Ireland. Slieve Donard has three subsidiary peaks in the seaward direction, those being Thomas’s Mountain, Millstone Mountain, and Crossone. Climbing Mount Slieve Donard is very easy although the paths up the summit are eroded. A stone path has been created on the steepest part to reduce the climbing difficulties. The summit of the mountain provides a view of the coastal areas of Northern Ireland and the surrounding areas. There are remains of two prehistoric cairns on the summit of though they have been damaged and altered.

Slieve Commedagh

Slieve Commedagh, meaning “Mountain of Watching”, is 2,516 feet in elevation and also located in County Down, Northern Ireland. It is the second highest mountains both in Northern Ireland and the Mourne Mountains. Slieve Commedagh lies in the northwestern side of the Slieve Donard, and the two are linked by Col. The summit of Mount Slieve Commedagh has a small one-room tower which is part of the Mourne Wall. The tower was built to provide shelter for the men who were constructing the wall. The massifs include the peak of Slievecorragh, Shan Slieve, Slievenamaddy, and Slievenabrock. Mount Slieve Commedagh is visible on a clear day and also gives an excellent view of the Donard Forest. The mountain can be accessed from Donard National Park in Newcastle or the Glen River through the Donard Forest.

Slieve Binnian

Slieve Binnian, meaning “mountain of little peak”, is also one of the major peaks of the Mourne Mountains located in County Down, Northern Ireland. The mountain has an elevation of 2,451 feet with a broad and flat summit. The summit has impressive granite towers in between the rocky tors. The Mourne Wall also crosses over Mount Slieve Binnian. The mountain is situated to the east of Silent Valley and the west of Annalong Valley. Slieve Binnian can be accessed from Carrick Little Car Park. The Goat Trail crisscrossing the summit makes the mountain easy to navigate. The most interesting points in Slieve Binnian include the disused quarry called Douglas Crag and the abandoned quarrying village. Slieve Binnian also has a tunnel built underneath it to transport water from Annalong Valley to the Silent Valley.

Highest Mountains In Northern Ireland

Rank Highest Mountains In Northern Ireland Elevation in Feet
1 Slieve Donard 2,789
2 Slieve Commedagh 2,516
3 Slieve Binnian 2,451
4 Slieve Bearnagh 2,385
5 Slieve Mael Beg 2,310
5 Slieve Lamagan 2,310
7 Slieve Mael Mor 2,238
8 Sawel Mountain 2,224
9 Slieve Muck 2,211

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