Moscow's Beautiful Metro System

The Moscow metro was opened in 1954.
The Moscow metro was opened in 1954.

Rapid transit is a means of public transport common in the cities and towns. Rapid transit systems are mainly electric railway operating on right-of-way which cannot be accessed by pedestrians or other means of transportation. The modes of transport are used by city dwellers covering short distances at high frequency. The metro systems vary widely from country to country and city to city within a country. One of the cities with a well-developed metro system is Moscow, Russia. Moscow metro serves Moscow and the neighboring Krasnogorsk and Reutov cities covering a distance of 210.7 miles. The metro system in Moscow has been in operation since 1935 when it was opened as an underground railway station in the Soviet Union. Moscow is one of the deepest underground systems in the world with the deepest station, 276 feet, at Park Pobedy.

Operations Of The Moscow Metro

Moscow metro is a state-owned subway system comprising of twelve lines and 203 stations with the most of the lines originating from the center of Moscow to other areas. Most of the stations and lines are underground while some of the stations have raised sections. There are 12 ground-level stations and four raised stations. Moscow Metro opens at 0525 hrs and closes at 0100 hrs although opening hours vary from stations to stations depending on the arrival of the first station. All the stations are closed concurrently at 0100 hrs for servicing. The intervals between trains remain 90 seconds especially in the morning and evening during rush hours. The metro lines are identified by names and colors with colors assigned to each line displayed on maps and signs. Some of the popular colors used to mark the lines include red, yellow, green, and blue.

History Of The Moscow Metro

Moscow City Council established the first Underground Railway Design Office in 1923. By 1928 a first route had been developed from Sokolniki to the city center with a proposal made to the German company to develop its proposal for the same route. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union allowed for the construction of the Moscow Metro in June 1931.The plan for the first line was approved in January 1932 while approval for additional ten lines was made in March 1933. The first metro lines were built between the 1930s and 1950s with the Moscow Metro constructors consulting their London counterparts. The main construction work was done by the specialists from London while the labor and artwork were done by the Soviet workers. The first line of the Moscow Metro line was opened for the general public on May 15, 1935, at 0700 hrs. The construction of deeper sections of the metro was done during the Cold War and was used as shelters in the case of nuclear war. The building of the second state was finished before the World War II while the war delayed the third stage. The fourth stage was constructed after the end of the war. Moscow Metro has undergone several expansions since the turn of the 21st century.

The Beauty Of Moscow Metro

Taking a subway on Moscow Metro is like walking through a national heritage. The metro has extraordinarily beautiful places that are not common in other metro stations around the world. The stations have interesting architecture and designs that reflect the era in which the stations were built. Some of the stations have glass stained covering the entire station. Other stations contain drawings and sculpture work highlighting the period in which they were constructed. Overall, Moscow metro stations are some of the beautiful places in Russia.


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