Famous Dance Forms From Around The World

A unique dance form of India, Kathakali involves elaborate costumes and face mask wearing actor-dancers, who have traditionally been all males.
A unique dance form of India, Kathakali involves elaborate costumes and face mask wearing actor-dancers, who have traditionally been all males.

Singing and dancing is an integral part of many cultures around the world and has been so for centuries. Worldwide, various dance forms have evolved over the years and some have crossed their regional boundaries and gained admirers globally. Here we present some of the most famous dance styles in the world.

10. Bollywood Dance, India -

Bollywood dance is a dance form that is heavily used in Indian Bollywood films. Numerous styles are used in executing this dance form. Indian classical dance styles like kathak, Indian folk, belly-dancing, jazz, Western popular, and more. Due to its wide range of styles and ease of dancing, Bollywood music has gained wide acceptability in many other parts of the world.

9. Ballet, Russia -

No dance form can approach gracefulness as closely as the Russian ballet. It is an artistic dance form that is performed to music. The steps of Russian ballet demand high levels of precision and formality. The classical ballet dance form which originated in Renaissance Italy was introduced to Russia during the rule of Peter the Great and since then became an integral part of Russian society.

8. Flamenco, Spain -

Flamenco is a globally famous dance form that originated in Spain. The jaleo (dance) is accompanied by togue (guitar playing), cante (singing), pitos (finger snapping), and palmas (handclapping). Flamenco is closely linked to the Romani people in Spain, and its style is distinctly Andalusian. The art form is currently taught in many countries worldwide but is most popular in the US and Japan. In the latter country, Flamenco schools outnumber those in Spain.

7. Break Dance, United States -

Breakdancing, also known as B-boying or breaking, is a street dance style that is highly popular among the youth in the United States and many other parts of the world. The dance form primarily originated among the African American and Puerto Rican youth. The dance form became viral due to media interest in it and soon spread to other parts of the Americas and Europe. Four kinds of movement involved in break dancing are freezes, toprock, power moves, and downrock. 

6. Belly Dance, Middle East -

An expressive and impressive dance form, belly dancing emphasizes on the complex movements of the torso. Originating in the Middle East as a folk dance form, belly dancing has acquired admirers and followers worldwide. The style has evolved through centuries, and so has the costume of the dancers.

5. Tango, Argentina -

Tango is a partner dance that is associated with style and expressiveness. In the 1880’s, the dance form originated along the River Plate which is the natural border between Uruguay and Argentina. Many different styles of tango exist today and international tango dancing competitions are held each year signifying the popularity of this dance.

4. Kabuki, Japan -

Kabuki is a Japanese dance-drama style that is extremely popular among the Japanese population. The history of kabuki began in 1630 when it was performed on the dry riverbeds of Kyoto. The elaborate make-up styles of the performers of kabuki are noteworthy.

3. Salsa, Cuba -

Strongly influenced by Latin American culture (particularly Cuba and Puerto Rico), salsa originated in New York City as a social dance form. The movements of salsa can trace their origins to Cha-cha-cha, Mambo, and Cuban Son as well as other dance forms. 

2. Samba, Brazil -

Samba is synonymous with the famous Carnival of Brazil. It is a Brazilian dance style and music genre with roots in Africa and arrived in Latin America via the African slaves who arrived in Latin America with their European masters. Samba is associated with rhythm and flamboyant costumes and is considered as an integral part of the Brazilian culture.

1. Bhangra, India -

The bhangra is a dance form that originated in the Punjab region of India and is associated with fun and flamboyance. Bhangra is performed across India on many social occasions like marriage ceremonies, cultural programs, etc. It is also used in Bollywood films produced in the country. The easy and jovial style of the dance form has earned it many followers in other parts of the world where it has been introduced by the Punjabi diaspora.


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