European Countries With the Most Neighbors

A border crossing in Russia. Russia borders more countries than any other nation in Europe. Editorial credit: ppl /
A border crossing in Russia. Russia borders more countries than any other nation in Europe. Editorial credit: ppl /

Most European countries share their respective boundaries with at least one country. Russia has the highest number of bordering countries in Europe, with 14 countries sharing its long land boundary. Three countries in Europe have no land boundary and therefore are not bordered by any country. Two countries in the continent are enclaves, surrounded by a single country.

Country with 14 Bordering Countries

Russia is the world’s largest country and it is also the country with the most bordering countries, with a total of 14 countries. The country’s border stretches some 35,910 miles, the longest in the world. Bordering countries from Europe include Georgia, Latvia, Ukraine, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, and Belarus. Of the neighboring European countries, Ukraine’s border with Russia is the longest, stretching about 1,196 miles. Asian countries bordering Russia are China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and North Korea, with Kazakhstan’s border being the longest at 4,668 miles. To illustrate the immense size of Russia, the country connects North Korea to Norway.

Country with 11 Bordering Countries

France’s total boundary stretches 2,464 miles, which the country shares with other 11 countries. The country is bordered by eight nations in Europe which are; Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Andorra, and Monaco, with Spain having a 401-mile boundary, the longest of France’s European neighbors. Interestingly, France is also bordered by South American countries (through the country’s overseas territory of French Guiana). South American countries that share a boundary with France in this regard are Brazil and Suriname. France’s overseas collectivity of Saint Martin shares a 6-mile boundary with Sint Maarten.

Country with 9 Bordering Countries

Germany is the European country with the third-most bordering countries, with a total of 9 countries bordering the nation. Germany’s total border is 2,307 miles in length. However, the country surpasses France in total European countries bordering it as all its nine bordering countries are from Europe. These bordering countries are the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, and Luxembourg. Of these countries, Austria’s border is the longest, stretching a total 497 miles. Germany also shares a maritime boundary with two European countries; the United Kingdom through the North Sea, and Sweden through the Baltic Sea.

Countries with 8 Bordering Countries

Three countries in Europe (Turkey, Serbia, and Austria) share their respective borders with eight countries rach. Turkey is both the largest and has the longest boundary of the three countries; spanning 1,632 miles. The countries bordering Turkey are Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Georgia, Syria, Iraq, and Bulgaria, where the Turkey-Syria border stretching 511 miles is the longest of them all. Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, and Liechtenstein make up the eight countries sharing Austria’s 1,574-mile long border. Serbia’s border stretches 1,259 miles and shared by Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Hungary and Romania (which is the longest, spanning 296 miles in length).

Countries with 7 Bordering Countries

As Europe’s second largest country, Ukraine’s total border which is 2,832 miles in length is only exceeded by that of Russia. The country is bordered by Poland, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Belarus, with the 1,227-mile Russia-Ukraine border being the longest. Poland’s border stretches a total of 1,794 miles and is bordered by Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Russia. The country’s border with the Czech Republic is the longest, stretching about 490 miles long. Seven countries also border Hungary and they are Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Romania.

Country with 6 Bordering Countries

At sixth place is Italy, a country which has six countries sharing its 1,141-mile long border. The Italy-Switzerland border is the longest of them, stretching a total of 434 miles, followed by the 296-mile long France-Italy border. Vatican City and San Marino are both enclaves, surrounded entirely by Italy.

Countries with 5 Bordering Countries

10 European countries are each bordered by five countries, and these are Switzerland, Belarus, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Spain, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Macedonia. Of these countries, Spain is the largest and is also the fourth largest European country. The country has a border that spans 1,191 miles in length. However, Kazakhstan is way larger but is recognized more as a transcontinental country than a European country. Kazakhstan has an 8,304-mile long border, most of which lies within Asia.

Countries with 4 Bordering Countries

11 countries in Europe share their borders with four other countries, representing the largest group of countries. These countries are Slovenia, Lithuania, Kosovo, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Albania, Latvia, Belgium, Montenegro, Greece and Armenia, each being bordered by four countries.

Countries with 3 Bordering Countries

Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Norway are each bordered by three countries. Bosnia and Herzegovina have a 955-mile long border which it shares with Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. Norway’s land boundary is a total of 1562 miles in length, and Finland, Russia and Sweden border the country. Luxembourg has a 192-mile land boundary, one of the smallest in Europe. The country shares the border with Belgium, Germany, and France. Sweden, Russia, and Norway border Finland.

Countries with 2 Bordering Countries

Sweden, Estonia, Andorra, Moldova, and Liechtenstein each share their respective land boundaries with only two countries. Sweden shares its 1,550-mile border with Norway and Finland, while Switzerland and Austria border Liechtenstein. The landlocked nation of Andorra is bordered by France and Spain, while Estonia shares its 408-mile border with Latvia and Russia.

Countries with 1 Bordering Country

Seven European countries share their respective land boundaries with only one country, and these are Vatican City, Denmark, Portugal, Monaco, the United Kingdom, San Marino and Ireland. Most of Denmark is composed of islands, but the country has a small 42-mile land boundary which it shares with Germany. The United Kingdom and Ireland have each other as the sole bordering country. Portugal is only bordered by Spain, while France borders Monaco. The Vatican City and San Marino are both enclaves of Italy, the two countries’ sole bordering country.

Countries with no land boundary

Surprisingly, three countries in Europe do not share their borders with any country, and these are Iceland, Cyprus, and Malta. The reason behind the exclusivity of the three countries is because they are all island nations. The land boundaries in each of these countries are 0 miles.

European Countries Bordering Most Other Countries

RankCountriesNumber of countries with which borders are shared
1Russia (Including Kaliningrad)14
2France (Including overseas departments and territories)11
4Austria, Serbia, Turkey8
5Hungary, Poland, Ukraine7
7Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Spain (Including Ceuta and Melilla), Switzerland5
8Albania, Armenia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Slovenia4
9Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Netherlands (Including Sint Maarten), Norway, Luxembourg3
10Andorra, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Sweden2
11Denmark, Ireland, Monaco, Portugal, San Marino, United Kingdom, Vatican City1
12Iceland, Cyprus, Malta0

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