Cyclist Deaths By State

Florida took the number 1 spot in pedalcyclist fatalities.
Florida took the number 1 spot in pedalcyclist fatalities.

With the automotive industry at a booming pace, it’s very easy to forget about the much more green alternative, pedal powered transpiration. Bicycles are hailed one of the best ways to commute as not only are they less expensive and better exercise, they are also better for the environment as they don’t release harmful emissions in the same way that motor vehicles do.

However with this in mind, one of the main downsides to a two wheel transportation mobile, is the lack of airbags so to speak, as there are numerous fatalities that occur in the United States alone. However the amount of fatalities isn’t distributed in the states however, as there are quite a few which experience a higher volume of accidents resulting in fatalities.

In 2009 for example, Florida was the number one ranked state for pedalcyclist fatalities, totally 107 in only one year. This was closely followed by California with 99 and Texas at 48. Now, these numbers might have people up in arms, as each of these states at more accidents in 2009 than the combination of any eight other states.

The reason as to why this might be however isn’t necessarily that these states have looser bike laws, or even more unsafe road conditions. It might simply be that not only do Florida, California and Texas have a much higher proportion of populace than the average state, but they also have some of the most ideal climates for biking, resulting in more people out and about on their two wheeled cycles.

This theory is further supported by three states with some of the lowest pedalcycle fatalities in 2009: Maine at 0, Montana and North Dakota at 1 and Alaska at 2. What makes these numbers so interesting is that according to data provided by of the average recorded coldest temperatures of Alaska (32.13 degrees Fahrenheit) and North Dakota (40.43 degrees Fahrenheit) are first and second place, followed by Maine (40.97 degrees Fahrenheit) in third.

What this should tell those looking at the high amount of bicycle accidents in Florida, California and Texas is that not only do these states have a higher amount of citizens living in them, they also most likely have more of their population cycling based on their climates verses regions such as Alaska or Maine where temperatures get a bit more brisk to say the least.

However this information can also be used constructively, as being able to find which states have the highest percentage of cyclist means that we would be able to know exactly how much financial means will be needed to follow these trends.

For example, California, Florida and Texas should be receiving a much larger amount of financial resources in order to create and maintain cycle lanes, as well as a more painstaking effort in order to ensure that these routes are safe as they also have a high amount of accidents that result in a fatality. This is important data to consider in order to further assess the future of bicycle transportation in the United States.

Cyclists Killed By State

Rank State Total Fatalities
1 Florida 107
2 California 99
3 Texas 48
4 New York 29
5 Arizona 25
6 Georgia 21
7 Illinois 20
8 Michigan 19
9 Ohio 19
10 North Carolina 16
11 Pennsylvania 15
12 Louisiana 13
13 New Jersey 13
14 Maryland 11
15 Oklahoma 11
16 South Carolina 11
17 Virginia 11
18 Colorado 10
19 Minnesota 10
20 Mississippi 10
21 Tennessee 9
22 Washington 9
23 Oregon 8
24 Idaho 7
25 Indiana 7
26 Wisconsin 7
27 Alabama 6
28 Delaware 6
29 Massachusetts 6
30 Nevada 6
31 Arkansas 5
32 Kansas 5
33 Kentucky 5
34 Utah 5
35 Hawaii 3
36 Nebraska 3
37 New Mexico 3
38 Alaska 2
39 Iowa 2
40 Missouri 2
41 Wyoming 2
42 Connecticut 1
43 Montana 1
44 New Hampshire 1
45 North Dakota 1
46 District of Columbia 0
47 Maine 0
48 Rhode Island 0
49 South Dakota 0
50 Vermont 0
51 West Virginia 0

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