Countries With the Lowest Median Age

Median ages vary between countries.
Median ages vary between countries.

The median age is one of the ways of calculating the average age of a population. Over the last five decades, the median age of the population of the world rose by about three years from 23.6 in 2010 to 26.4 years in 2015. The median age divides the population into two numerically equal group in which half population is older than that age and the other half is younger. It summarizes the distribution of the age of the people in the country or world. Currently, the median age ranges between 15.3 in Niger to over 40 in some European countries and Japan. According to the latest predictions by the United Nation, the world’s medium age will jump to about 37 in the next 50 years. Here are the countries with the lowest median age.

Countries with the Lowest Median Age


African countries dominate the list of countries with the lowest median age. It is a youthful continent with a median age of 19.4 as of 2017. The median age is likely to jump to 24.5 by 2050. Niger, Uganda, Malawi, Mali, and Zambia have a median age of below 17 years. With a median age of 15.3, Niger is the most youthful country in the world. The males have a median age of 15.2 while that of the female is 15.4. Uganda has a median age of 15.7 while Mali, Malawi, and Zambia have recorded a median age of 16.2, 16.5, and 16.7 respectively. In all the three countries, the female population has a higher median age compared to their male counterpart.

Burundi, Mozambique, South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Chad, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Somali have a median age of between 17 and 17.9. Again in these African countries, the female population has a higher median age compared to the male. The rest of the African population has a median age of 18 years and above. Eritrea completes the list of 30 youthful nations in the world with a median age of 19.4.


With a total population of 4.5 billion people, Asia is one of the continents with the highest median age, averaging 30.7. However, some of the Asian countries have a relatively youthful population. Gaza Strip, a self-governing Palestinian territory, has the lowest median age in Asia at 16.9. Afghanistan and East Timor also have a relatively young population with a median age of 18.6 and 18.8 respectively. Like Africa, female population in most Asian countries has a higher median age compared to the male population.

What Does the Low Median Age Mean?

There are several factors that may contribute to the low median age. Low median age in some population means that the majority of the population is fertile, with the proportion of the fertile population increasing faster than the aging population. Very low median age in some countries means that those countries have made steps towards reducing the infant deaths. Countries with low median age have a large portion of their population comprising of adolescent teenagers. Such countries’ top needs will include education and training facilities, rehabilitation centers, and basic health facilities. Some sociologists have argued that a youthful society is likely to breed gangs if the population is not engaged in meaningful activities.

Countries With the Lowest Median Age

RankCountryMedian Age
1 Niger15.3
2 Uganda15.7
3 Mali16.2
4 Malawi16.5
5 Zambia16.7
6 Gaza Strip16.9
7 Burundi17
8 Mozambique17.1
9 South Sudan17.1
10 Burkina Faso17.2
11 Chad17.6
12 Tanzania17.6
13 Ethiopia17.8
14 Somalia17.9
15 Benin18
16 Sao Tome and Principe18.2
17 Angola18.2
18 Liberia18.3
19 Nigeria18.3
20 Democratic Republic of the Congo18.4
21 Cameroon18.5
22 Gabon18.6
23 Afghanistan18.6
24 Senegal18.7
25 Timor-Leste18.8
26 Guinea18.8
27 Sierra Leone19
28 Rwanda19
29 Yemen19.2
30 Eritrea19.4

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