Countries With The Highest Number Of Scouts

The primary focus of Scouting organizations is usually outdoor survival skills.

Scouting is a movement that helps young boys and girls with their physical, social and mental development. The young people always assume many constructive roles in the society. The primary focus is usually outdoor survival drills, and this training helps them to be more independent and be quick thinkers in case of an emergency. Here is a list of countries with the highest number of scouts in the world:


Indonesia is an independent state with the highest number of scouts at an approximate figure of 21,599,748 as of 2012. The scout organization in the country is called Gerakan Pramuka. Founded in 1912 at the Dutch Indies, Indonesia’s scout movement became a member of the WSOM (Word Organization Scout Movement) in 1953. The name Gerakan Pramuka was adopted from an Indonesian acronym that means the young ones who are willing to work. The Indonesian scouting organization is composed of both boys and girls.


India is the second country with the most significant number of scouts in the world. The scouting club in India is known as Bharat scouts, and the team has its national headquarters at Mumbai. The Bharat scouts were established for the young people in 1909, and currently, the group has 3,371,408 young scouts. The movement trains both the girls and boys and it joined the international scout's organization in 1938.

The United States of America

The United States has 2,988,612 scouts and is the third country regarding the scouts ranking. The country’s scouting movement is known as the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), an organization that was established in 1910 and joined the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1922. The movement allows the participation of venturing boys only and non-venturing girls.


The establishment of boy's scouts of Philippines took place 1923, and they joined the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1946. By the year 2012, the number of young persons who were in the scouting club was 1,760,309. The Philippines, though a small nation, is listed as the fourth nation in relation to the number of scouts in the country. The Philippines boy scouts comprise of both boys and girls in the club.


Bangladesh is ranked the fifth country in the world with 958,243 scouts as of 2012. The Bangladesh scouts came into existence in 1972 and joined the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1974. The campaign allows the participation of both genders in the scouting movement.


The national scouts of Thailand are the department of scouts in Thailand. The membership from 2012 in the country consists of 828,248 scouts. The organization’s establishment took place in the year 1911 and joined the worlds scouting movement in 1922. Both boys and girls can participate in the scouting club.


Pakistan is ranked the seventh in the world with 630,476 scouts as from 2012. The Pakistan Boy Scout association is the country's scouting club name. The movement was launched in the year 1947 and one year later joined the international scout's organization. However, unlike most of the countries, Pakistan only allow boys to participate in scouting.


The formation of the boys and girls scouting movement in this country took place in 1929. In 1963 after, the country gained its independence, the Tanzania scouts association joined the international scouting organization, and the approximate number of scouts as from 2012 is 538,933.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is ranked the ninth in the world’s list of countries with the highest number of scouts. The number of scouts in the UK s from is 323,884 scouts in the country. Since the nation is well off, the country supports the scout’s organization with participants of both genders. The Scouts Association in the UK was founded in 1907 and joined World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1922.


Kenya is the tenth ranked country in the world with 323,884 scouts as from the year 2012. The Kenyan scouting society is composed of both girls and boys. The state is also the second country in Africa having the highest number of scouts after Tanzania. The Kenya Scouts Association was founded in 1910, and it joined the World Organization of the Scout Movement in 1964 after gaining independence.

Countries With The Highest Number Of Scouts

RankCountryMembership (from 2012)Name of member organizationYear current Scouting organization joined WOSMYear member organization was foundedAdmits boys/girls
1Indonesia21,599,748Gerakan Pramuka19611912both
2India3,371,408The Bharat Scouts and Guides19381909both
3United States2,988,612Boy Scouts of America19221910both for Venturing, boys only for non-Venturing
4Philippines1,760,309Boy Scouts of the Philippines19461923both
5Bangladesh958,243Bangladesh Scouts19741972both
6Thailand828,248The National Scout Organization of Thailand19221911both
7Pakistan630,476Pakistan Boy Scouts Association19481947boys only
8Tanzania538,933Tanzania Scouts Association19631929both
9United Kingdom528,263The Scout Association19221907both
10Kenya323,884The Kenya Scouts Association19641910both

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