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Countries That Start with the Letter O

Oman is only country in the world that starts with the letter O.

The Sultanate of Oman, or simply Oman, is the only country in the world that starts with the letter O. The country is located in southwestern part of Asia, on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Oman borders Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, and Yemen. Oman has a population of about 4,424,762 people and has been ruled by Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al-Said since 1970. The capital of Oman is Muscat, the official language is Arabic, and the Omani rial is the national currency. From 1507 until 1650, the Portuguese colonized Oman, and designated Muscat as the main administrative town. The Ottoman Turks captured Muscat un 1581, driving away the Portuguese, and remained until 1588. Oman gained its independence in 1740. Islam is the common religion, with over 75% being Ibadi Muslims, while the remaining 25% are Sunni and Shia Muslims.


Economy of Oman

The economy of Oman is dependent on oil resources. The country's gross domestic product has decreased considerably in recent years due to a reduction in its oil reserves and fluctuations in international oil prices. The Oman government developed a strategic plan to address these problems, which includes increased industrialization, privatization, and encouraging tourism. Oman imports machinery, manufactured goods, food, livestock, and lubricants from China, the United Arab Emirates, and India. Primary exports include petroleum products, fish, and textiles. Fishing and farming are some of the primary agricultural activities in Oman. Agriculture is practiced in at least five provinces, and chief crops include limes, coconut palms, wheat, and bananas.

Oman Government

Oman is governed under an absolute monarchy system of government. The country is subdivided into eleven administrative divisions, known as governorates, and further subdivided into sixty-one administrative provinces. The executive branch of government includes the monarch, who is the chief of state and head of the government, and a cabinet. The legislative branch of government is made up of a bicameral legislature, known as the Council of Oman, and made up of the Council of State and the Consultative Council (Majilis al-Shura). The bicameral council consists of 85 seats, which are occupied by a chairman and members appointed by the sultan, while the Consultative Council consists of 85 seats occupied by elected members who serve renewable four year terms. The Council of State is responsible for the approval of laws passed by the Consultative Council. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the country, and is composed of five judges who are appointed for life by the Supreme Judicial Council. Lower courts include the courts of appeal, administrative courts, the sharia courts, military courts, and a magistrates’ courts. The legal system uses both Islamic law and Anglo-Saxon law.

Tourism in Oman

Tourism in Oman is an important industry and is expected to grow in the coming years. The country has several cultural and iconic tourist attraction sites. The main tourist activities include diving and water sports along Al-Sawadi beach, watching marine animals like the turtle, dolphins, and birds along the beaches, where the turtles return every year from the Indian Ocean to lay eggs. Desert safari, caving, visits to Oman markets, and museums are also popular tourist sites. Oman has several iconic and heritage sites which include Bahla Fort, ancient settlements, tombs and Frankincense Route which are frequently visited by international tourists.

Countries That Start With The Letter O

Countries That Start With The Letter O

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