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Countries That Start With The Letter D

There are 4 countries in the world that start with the letter D.

Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, and Dominican Republic are the countries whose name begins with letter “D.”

Which Countries Start With The Letter D?


Denmark, a Scandinavian country, derived the name from the inhabitants called the “Danes” and the boundary they “marked” combined to form the Denmark. Denmark as a nation has been in existence since 12,500 BCE. In the 8th century, the Danish kingdom was established. The 19th century saw the kingdom embracing industrialization. Denmark borders the Atlantic Ocean and occupies 16,573 square miles. It is quite green and flat with sandy coastlines and receives plenty of rainfall. Denmark is ruled by both the monarchy and the parliamentary system. There is a prime minister and the Queen. The legislature, executive, and the judiciary work independently. Denmark has close to six million people who are rated the happiest in the world due to developed infrastructures, quality education, and health services plus equality in resource distribution. The official language is Danish.


The name Djibouti has two meanings; the first came from the word “Jab Bouti” meaning an animal that was preying on livestock, and the second theory states the ancient occupants called the Afar named the region “Gabouti” meaning the flatland. The French eventually named it Djibouti. Djibouti has been inhabited for over 3,500 years. It became a republic in 1977. Covering 8,958 square miles next to The Aden Gulf, Djibouti is largely a desert. Djibouti is ruled by a president and a prime minister. There is the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive. Djibouti has a population of close to one million people. Three quarters live in the towns while the rest are pastoralists. Islam is a major religion while the official languages are Arabic and French.


Dominica is a Latin word meaning the place where God resides. On Sunday 3, 1493, Columbus passed by the island and called named it “Sunday.” Dominica’s ancient occupants were the Kalinago tribe though they were later colonized by the French. They attained independence in 1978. Dominica borders the Caribbean Sea and is the smallest of the four countries at 290 square miles. Dominica is a parliamentary republic with a president and a prime minister as head of state and government respectively. There are a general assembly, the executive, and ten administrative units. Dominica is estimated to have a population of slightly above 75,000. Population growth is hampered by immigration and natural calamities like hurricanes. English is the official language in Dominica though Dominican Creole French is also used.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean and neighbors Haiti on Hispaniola Island. The name means “that which belongs to the Lord” as named by priest Domingo De Guzman. The Dominican Republic neighbors the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. At 18,704 square miles, it is the largest of the four countries. The Dominican Republic is a unitary presidential country with a president and a vice president. The Dominican Republic has a population of 10,800,000 people who largely speak Spanish.

​What is Common about the Four “D” Countries?

Explorer Christopher Columbus passed by all the four nations due to their proximity to the sea. This also makes them attractive tourist destinations. The French at one point dominated the four countries. All the four are inhabited by immigrants from across the world with Christianity being the popular religion except Djibouti which is dominantly Islamic. Djibouti is also exceptional in terms of weather conditions being largely desert while the other three have temperate climates. Djibouti is also the only country whose name is similar to the capital city’s name.

Countries That Start With The Letter D

RankCountries That Start With The Letter D
4Dominican Republic

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