Canadian Cities by Unemployment Rate

Due to the decline in value of the oil industry, the city of Calgary, Alberta, currently faces the highest rate of unemployment in Canada.
Due to the decline in value of the oil industry, the city of Calgary, Alberta, currently faces the highest rate of unemployment in Canada.

Landing a lucrative job in Canada can be quite a daunting task. The unemployment rate is a discouraging factor that a job hunter has to face while attempting to secure a job. Below is a list of cities where potential job searchers may find they encounter the highest degree of difficulty.

National Unemployment Rate

Just like any other country around the globe, Canada faces unemployment issues. The most recent statistics released in November 2016 show that the national unemployment rate stood at 6.8%. This number is a slight improvement from the previous figure of 7% released a month prior. The reason for these fluctuating figures can be blamed on the varying rate of economic growth which is caused by a number of reasons.

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary faces the highest rate of unemployment in Canada today. The city’s unemployment rate stands at 10.3%, surpassing Kelowna which is ranked as the second highest with a rating of 8.8%. Calgary’s figure is considered to be the highest in 23 years. Although there is a significant increase in population which increases the number of citizens desperate for a job, the reality of unemployment can be frightening for anyone searching for a job in Calgary. The energy sector is the leading job industry followed by technology, agribusiness, and manufacturing industries.

Quebec City, Quebec

With an annual population growth of almost 0.7%, Quebec stands out as the city with the least unemployment rate today. With an astonishing rate of only 4.4%, the city is a “goldmine” in terms of job creation. Quebec has an annual employment growth of almost 4.7% which is a significant figure considering its population of 8.2 million in the year 2016. Aerospace, finance, information technology, and transport sectors are the most job creating sectors in the city. Nevertheless, the city has diversified its economy to span a number of other sectors, making it a hotbed for a variety of employment opportunities.

Brantford, Ontario

To those who fancy living in a town with a considerably small population and a low unemployment rate, Brantford is a great place to live. With an estimated population count of around one hundred thousand, the city has one of the lowest unemployment rates at 4.7%. The manufacturing and trade industries are the leading sectors in employment creation. There are also plans for a new hotel in the town which will allow for job creation.


Although unemployment figures can be discouraging, job seekers need to dive deep into research before rushing to conclusions. Some cities might have higher rates of unemployment but have a high number of employed people due to a high population. Nevertheless, these figures are useful to those who want to get a rough picture of the various unemployment rates in Canadian cities.

Canadian Cities by Unemployment Rate

RankCityProvinceUnemployment Rate (Percentage)
1St. John'sNewfoundland8.2
2HalifaxNova Scotia6
3MonconNew Brunswick6.9
4Saint JohnNew Brunswick7.6
5Saguenay Quebec7
8Trois-Rivieres Quebec7.4
14St. Catharines-NiagaraOntario6.3
17London Ontario6.9
19Barrie Ontario7.9
21Thunder BayOntario6.3
27KelownaBritish Columbia8.8
28AbbotsfordBritish Columbia6.5
29VancouverBritish Columbia5.1
30VictoriaBritish Columbia5

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