Biggest Cities In Portugal

The cityscape of Lisbon, the biggest and capital city of Portugal.

Portugal, officially known as the Portuguese Republic, is located in the Iberian Peninsula, Southwestern Europe bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Spain. Portugal consists of two archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean, the Madeira, and Azores. It is one of the warmest countries in Europe with a Mediterranean climate. The country’s capital and largest city are Lisbon which is the heart of the country’s economy resulting in the highest number of inhabitants in the country. Portugal covers an area of 35,604 square miles and an estimated population of 10 million.

Biggest Cities In Portugal


Lisbon is the capital and the largest city in Portugal covering an area of 370 square miles and a population of 2.6 million. It is located in Lisbon Municipality, Lisbon District in Portugal along the Western Iberian Peninsula. It is an important town regarding Finance, commerce, entertainment, media, arts, international trade, education, and tourism. It is home to one of the largest container ports in the region.


Porto, the second biggest city in Portugal, is located in Porto district along Douro River estuary, Norte region, Portugal. It covers an area of 300 square miles with a population of approximately 1.8 million. It is the major historical center and was inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1996. It is an international export area mainly known for packaging, transport, and export of the fortified wine. The early architecture including baroque and neoclassic are well illustrated in the buildings and their interiors. A Mediterranean climate is mainly seen in the town.

Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia, located in Porto District, Norte region, Portugal, is the third most populous country in Portugal with an average population of 302,295. It covers an area of 65.04 square miles. The city’s origin traces back to the Preexistent Neolithic settlements and the Roman Empire. It is famously known for its underground caves mainly used for the storage of Port wine.


Braga is a city and municipality located in the Braga District, Norte Region, Portugal. It covers an approximate area of 70.81 square miles and a total population of 181,494. The city’s history dates back to the Megalithic era which extended to the Iron Age period. It6s topography is characterized by irregular mountain spaces and valleys and rivers running parallel to the principal rivers. A Mediterranean climate is also evident in the region.


Amadora is an urbanized city located in Lisbon District, Lisbon region, Portugal. It covers an area of 9 square miles with a population of 175,136. The town came into existence in 1907 after a decree was issued by King Carlos the first at the request of the residents of Porcalhot, Amadora, and Venteira towns. It shares major amenities with the country’s capital city and thus is home to various industries and international companies

Other Important Cities In Portugal

There are several other cities in Portugal. Some of them include Almada located in Setubal District, Lisbon region with an area of 27 square miles and a population of 174,030. Coimbra is a 123 square miles country in Coimbra district, Centro region with a population of 143,396. Setubal is a city and municipality in Setubal District, Setubal region, Portugal. It covers an area of 88.93 square miles with a population of 118,166. Funchal is the capital and the largest city of Madeira Island. It covers an area of 29 square miles with a population of 111,892. Agualva-Cacém is a Portuguese city in Lisbon District, Lisbon region covering an area of 49 square miles and a total population of 81,845.

Biggest Cities In Portugal

Rank Biggest Cities in Portugal Metro Area Population
1 Lisbon 2,821,876
2 Porto 2,162,524
3 Vila Nova de Gaia 302,295
4 Braga 181,494
5 Amadora 175,136
6 Almada 174,030
7 Coimbra 143,396
8 Setúbal 118,166
9 Funchal 111,892
10 Agualva-Cacém 81,845

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