A List Of US Political Parties That Have Been Disbanded

The white house, shutterstock
The white house, shutterstock
  • You must register your political party with the Federal Election Commission once you spend or raise a certain amount of money in connection with a federal election.
  • There are two dominant political parties in the US: the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.
  • Twelve other political parties aside from the dominant two received votes in the 2016 presidential election, adding up to 5.4% of the presidential vote.

The US has two major political parties now active in the country: the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. 

The Republican Party and its followers believe that “individuals should take responsibility for their own circumstances” and that the poor are better assisted in raising their living conditions through privately run charities, rather than via government programs that provide social assistance. 

For its part, the Democratic Party and its followers are said to believe in “egalitarianism, social equality, protecting the environment, and strengthening the social safety net through liberalism.” This side of politics is also said to support voting rights for all, and societal views of inclusiveness that support minorities.  

There are more than the major two parties?

At present, there are many other political parties operating in the country, but you do not really hear much about them. This is in part because they do not get a substantial enough percentage of the presidential vote to garner much attention from mainstream media. The chances of one of their leaders becoming the president of the US are very low, and so it is believed that the general public would not be highly interested in what they are doing. 

The Libertarian Party has the largest following of any political party not yet elected to state legislatures or congress. In the 2016 presidential election, this party’s leader received 4,489,221 votes, amounting to 3.28% of the presidential vote. 

Twelve other political parties aside from the dominant two received votes in the 2016 presidential election, adding up to 5.4% of the presidential vote.  

How can you start a political party of your own?

There are many steps involved if you want to do it correctly. First, you must hold a caucus or a convention at which you elect temporary officers, and choose a name that is different from that of all other political parties currently in operation. You must then file a formal notice with the Secretary of State containing key information about your party. 

You must register your political party with the Federal Election Commission if and when you raise or spend money above a certain amount in connection with a federal election. Yes, it is the dollar amount that really counts. 

Who has already tried this? Throughout history, a long list of political parties has been born and disbanded. Here is a look at what has come and gone over time, and when. 

A List Of US Political Parties That Have Been Disbanded

NameOther namesEstablishedDisbanded
International Socialist Organization19772019
Greens/Green Party USAGreen Committees of Correspondence19912019
Modern Whig Party20072018
Traditionalist Worker Party20132018
Connecticut for Lieberman20062013
Independence Party of America20072013
Raza Unida Party19702012
Florida Whig Party20062012
Boston Tea Party20062012
Socialist Labor Party of AmericaWorkingmen's Party of the United States18762011
Republican Moderate Party of Alaska19862011
Taxpayers Party of New York20102011
Freedom Party of New York20102011
New Jersey Conservative Party19922009
American Party19692008
Moderate Party20052008
Illinois Solidarity Party19862007
Labor Party19962007
Personal Choice Party20042006
New Union Party19742005
Christian Freedom Party20042004
Southern Party19992003
Marijuana Reform Party19982002
New Party19921998
America First Party19441996
Looking Back Party19841996
Independent Party of Utah19881996
A Connecticut Party19901995
Populist Party (United States, 1984)19841994
Puerto Rican Socialist Party19591993
Marxist–Leninist Party, USA19671993
Concerned Citizens Party19751992
New Alliance Party19791992
League for the Revolutionary PartyRevolutionary Socialist League (U.S.)19721989
Labor-Farm Party of Wisconsin19821987
Communist Workers Party19691985
Citizens Party19791984
Black Panther Party19661982
U.S. Labor Party19751979
People's Party19711976
Socialist Party of America19011972
Proletarian Party of America19201971
Constitution Party19521968
Youth International PartyYippies19671967
Puerto Rican Nationalist Party19221965
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party19641964
Nonpartisan League19151956
American Labor Party19361956
Progressive Party 194819481955
States' Rights Democratic PartyDixiecrats19481948
Progressive Democratic Party19441948
Minnesota Farmer–Labor Party19181944
Workers Party of the United States19341938
Farmer–Labor Party19201936
Union Party19361936
Communist League of America19281934
American Workers Party19331934
National Woman's Party19131930
Progressive Party 192419241924
Labor Party of the United States19191920
Independence PartyIndependence League19061914
Progressive Party 1912Bull Moose Party19121914
Home Rule Party of Hawaii19001912
People's PartyPopulist Party18871908
Silver Party18921902
Social Democratic Party18981901
National Democratic PartyGold Democrats18961900
Silver Republican Party18961900
Social Democracy of America18971900
Liberal Party18701893
People's Party (Utah)18701891
Readjuster Party18701885
Greenback Party18741884
Anti-Monopoly Party18841884
Liberal Republican Party18721872
National Union Party18641868
Unconditional Union Party18611866
Radical Democracy Party18641864
Constitutional Union Party18601860
American PartyKnow Nothingsc. 18541858
Opposition Party18541858
Free Soil Party18481855
American Republican Party (1843)18431854
Anti-Nebraska Party18541854
Nullifier Party18281839
Anti-Masonic Party18281838
National Republican PartyAnti-Jacksonian Partyc. 18241837
Federalist Party17891820
Anti-Administration party17891792
Toleration Party1816c. 1827
Democratic-Republican PartyRepublican Party1792c. 1824
Patriot Party1960s1980s
Whig Party18331860s
Liberty Party18401850s
Law and Order Party of Rhode Island18411850s

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