5 Amazing Secrets About Walt Disney World

Epcot, Walt Disney World.
Epcot, Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World is a major entertainment complex and tourist destination located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida next to Kissimmee and Orlando. It is a huge resort covering about 43 square miles. Ever since opening in 1971, the park has only closed six times. Four out of the six times were for hurricanes, the other was due to a power outage and once was in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.However, like any major operation, the way that Walt Disney World is run is complicated, and there are some particulars that are better kept secret from guests. This not only helps protect the integrity of the park's magic, but is also often important regarding matters of security. There are some facts, however, that have been shared with the public by former employees and Disney sleuths alike, who know the park inside-out. Some of the most fascinating of these facts can be found below.

5. Disney World uses undercover security guards disguised as tourists

With over 600 million visitors a year, it is no wonder that intense security measures are required within the park. They are so intense, in fact, that Disney hires more than 1200 security professional who patrol the premises disguised as the tourists and communicate with uniformed guards through disguised two-way radios.

4. You can use the phone booths at Epcot to commmunicate with Disney guests.

Over the years, as cell phones have become more and more commonplace, phone booths have quickly become a thing of the past. At Disney World, however, they still can be found throughout the park, particularly in the Canada and United Kingdom "neighborhoods" of Epcot. Not only are these booths capable of making outgoing calls, but incoming calls can also be received at the pay phones. These means that those in the know can call up the numbers and have a chat with a Disney World guest who is in the park!

3. No cookies are baked on site. The smell comes from a cookie smell machine.

The fact is that there are no cookies that are baked at the premise of Disney World. The scent comes from” smellitizers” that are set to produce the smell of freshly baked cookies. This smell can be found in most parts of the park, although particularly on Main Street USA.

2. Employees are not allowed to point with one finger.

In Disneyland, employees are not supposed to point using one finger but should instead use an open palm or two fingers to point. The reason behind this rule is that pointing with one finger is considered rude in some cultures. The use of two fingers is also more visible than only one finger.

1. Gum is not sold anywhere on the premises.

The selling of chewing gum is banned throughout Disney World. This is a cautious rule that helps keep the park grounds clean, a task that surprisingly still poses as a challenge even though a guest is never more than 30 steps from a trash bin. Guests are not prohibited from bringing their own chewing gum into the premises, but the absence of gum from Disney World's vendors most likely contributes to a great decrease in the amount that gets stuck under the tables and chairs of the park, not to mention on the ground.


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