20 Worst Countries For Spousal Abuse

A purple ribbon representing the fight against violence aimed at women.
A purple ribbon representing the fight against violence aimed at women.

Spousal abuse is a social problem which is prevalent in a large number of nations throughout the world. Though spousal abuse can affect both genders, as per reports, it is generally women who suffer more than men. Lack of modern education, highly patriarchal societies, social norms biased towards males, lack of financial independence, etc., are some of the many reasons favoring spousal abuse.

The Current Scenario

Culprits of viciousness against women normally have a past filled with violent behavior, sometimes raised where there were violent surroundings. A study by the UN Population Fund in Africa and Asia in the year 2000 claimed that "the privilege of the husband to beat or physically dismay his significant other" rose as "a profoundly held conviction." Even social orders where women seem to relish better status "overlook or if nothing else tolerates a measure of brutality against women." A study on abusive behavior at home in Uganda by the US-predicated Human Rights Watch observed that families legitimized forcing dowagers to be acquired by different guys in the family with contentions that the family had borne the costs of the bride and that therefore the lady was "family property." Once acquired, a dowager lost her significant other's property, which went to the new husband. Also, if a lady looked for disseverment or separation, the endowment must be repaid. Regularly, the study found that in most cases, the abused woman's family couldn't or was "unwilling" to restore the share. Even her siblings may beat her to pressure her back to her significant other or in-laws "since they would prefer not to give back cows." Africa's financial decay in the course of recent decades has left numerous women in highly adverse conditions. A study by WHO and the Joint UN Program on HIV/AIDS reveals that women have no alternative but to stay with spouses who routinely batter them.

The Need To Change Social Attitudes

The largest and most difficult challenge in combating spousal abuse is transmuting the genial stances and beliefs that bind ladies to a mediocre status. Women need to become more aware that they are worth more than what they deem themselves to be. A large section of the abused women lacks education and regard themselves to be inferior to men due to a male dominance complex deeply embedded within their cultures and their egos. Women thus need to be taught that they have equal rights as men. Women also need to be illuminated about why it is necessary to defend their rights and how it benefits the whole community. Enlightening both the genders on the ill effects of spousal abuse is also required. There is a need to make societies understand how spousal abuse is a curse impending the progression of the society as a whole.

20 Worst Countries For Spousal Abuse

RankCountry% of Women Reporting Being Physically Abused by Spouses or Partners in last 12 Months
1DR Congo36.8 %
2Uganda33.3 %
3Gabon31.5 %
4Cameroon31.4 %
5Sierra Leone28.7 %
6Mozambique27.7 %
7Zimbabwe27.2 %
8Mali26.9 %
9Zambia26.7 %
10Ivory Coast22.0 %
11Namibia20.2 %
12Kyrgystan17.1 %
13Dominican Republic16.0 %
14Tajikistan15.2 %
15Haiti14.9 %
16Nepal14.3 %
17Jordan14.1 %
18Egypt14.0 %
19Peru12.9 %
20Togo12.7 %

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