20 Countries With The Largest Relative Research And Development Workforce

Some countries have thousands of workers in the research and development field.
Some countries have thousands of workers in the research and development field.

Researchers are professionals who engage in the creation and conception of new knowledge, systems, processes, methods, and products. The top five countries with the highest numbers of researchers per million inhabitants are Denmark, Finland, Sweden, South Korea, and Norway. The 20 countries with the highest number of research specialists are listed in the table below.

Countries with the Largest Relative R&D Workforce

1. Denmark (7,265 researchers)

The Danish researchers mainly focus on health research. However, the other fields of research include Nano sciences, food and agriculture, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), and Food & Agriculture.

2. Finland (7,188 researchers)

The main research areas in Finland are the metal industry, ICT, and the forest industry. the research system is decentralized engaging 18 government research institutes, 16 universities, and 26 polytechnics.

3. Sweden (6,473 researchers)

The research fields that have granted Sweden a leading position in the world are environmental technology and nanotechnology. 70% of the research is privately funded and only 30% is publicly funded.

4. South Korea 6,457 researchers)

South Korea prioritizes research and development as a means of attaining high economic growth. Consequently, the country utilizes approximately 4% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on research. It main research areas are chemistry, physics, engineering, and life sciences

5. Norway (5,576 researchers)

The areas of research in Norway include energy, science, resource and the environment, and health. The Norway Research Council has 460 employees who oversee research activities within the nation.

Importance of the R&D Field

The core objective of research is to build knowledge and facilitate learning. Research also provides an understanding of issues which results in proving lies and supporting truths. In the current world of heightened competitiveness, research and development result in improved employee performance, lower operational costs, and production of quality goods and services. Research also provides organizations with up-to-date information which aid their understanding of trends in their industries.

20 Countries With The Largest Relative Research And Development Workforce

RankCountry R&D Researchers Per 1,000,000 People
1Denmark 7,265 researchers
2Finland 7,188 researchers
3Sweden 6,473 researchers
4South Korea 6,457 researchers
5Norway 5,576 researchers
6Japan 5,201 researchers
7Luxembourg 4,800 researchers
8Austria 4,704 researchers
9Germany 4,472 researchers
10Netherlands 4,303 researchers
11Slovenia 4,217 researchers
12France 4,153 researchers
13Portugal 4,142 researchers
14United Kingdom 4,055 researchers
15Belgium 4,003 researchers
16Estonia 3,339 researchers
17Czech Republic 3,250 researchers
18Russia 3,073 researchers
19Lithuania 2,887 researchers
20Slovakia 2,718 researchers

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