10 Scenic Mountain Escapes In The US

Jenny Lake at Grand Teton National Park. Image credit: Burley Packwood/Wikimedia.org
Jenny Lake at Grand Teton National Park. Image credit: Burley Packwood/Wikimedia.org
  • Mount. Denali is the highest mountain in North America.
  • The Rocky Mountains stretch from New Mexico to Canada.
  • Nevada has the more mountain ranges than any other state in America.

Dazzling cities, ethereal salt flats, and glittering beaches make up the spectacular landscape of the United States but nothing quite compares to the mountainous regions. If you are looking to get away, check out these 10 scenic mountain escapes in the US:

10. Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park. Image credit: Daniel Mayer/Wikimedia.org

The Rocky Mountains stretch for 3,000 miles from British Colombia to New Mexico. Visit Colorado to see some of the Rockies’ best peaks, including Longs Peak and Mount Massive. Hike a portion of the Continental Divide Trail, stroll around the glimmering Bear Lake or get your adrenaline pumping with some water rafting on the Colorado River.

9. Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park. Image credit: Jonathan Miske/Flickr.com

Located in Washington, the Mount Rainier National Park is home to some of the United States’ most dramatic backdrops. The jewel of the park is Mount Rainier, an active volcano that stands at over 14,000 feet tall; it is the area’s largest peak. Climbing experts should scale this glaciated peak as the views are nothing short of breath-taking.

8. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Image credit: Thomas Shahan/Flickr.com

Swap snow-capped peaks for the orange hues of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in the Chihuahuan desert, Texas. Seasoned hikers should climb the Guadalupe Peak Trail to the Guadalupe Peak, the park’s highest point. Enjoy winding through forests of pine and fir before reaching the summit. Wildlife enthusiasts should head to McKittrick Canyon to see a variety of stunning flora and fauna.

7. Katmai National Park

Alaska Brown Bear, Hallo Bay, Katmai National Park, Alaska. Image credit: Marshmallow from Seattle/Wikimedia.org

Escape to the wilderness and visit Katmai National Park, Alaska. This beautiful landscape boasts the phenomenal Mount Griggs as well as 41 other magnificent mountains. Adventurists are spoilt for choice with an infinite number of hiking trails and an abundance of outdoor activities, including kayaking and fishing.

6. Rincon Mountain District

The Rincon Mountain District sits in Saguaro National Park, Arizona. Hike, drive or cycle along the Cactus Forest Loop and stop frequently to admire the wildflowers. Relax in the presence of the incredible mountains or take a guided tour of Colossal Cave Mountain Park.

5. North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park. Image credit: Jeffhollett/Wikimedia.org

The North Cascades National Park is the perfect mountain escape. Located in Washington state and just three hours away from Seattle, this incredible landscape is full of adventures. Hiking, climbing, camping, and boating are just some of the activities you can do here. Be sure to explore Stehekin Valley, Diablo Lake, and the Cascade Pass.

4. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park. Image credit: Alex1961/Wikimedia.org.

Journey up north to Montana and discover extraordinary glaciers that have existed for over two million years. The best way to see the park is via Going-to-the-Sun Road; the road is 50 miles long and will take two hours to complete by car. The route will take you over the Continental Divide and past the Jackson Glacier Overlook – get out of the car and admire the view here.

3. Grand Teton National Park

Spend your summer in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, why not spend a couple of nights in the backcountry? For those who would like to take a day trip to the park, spend it in the incredible Jackson Hole valley with the Teton Range as your backdrop.  

2. Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada, Spain.

The Sierra Nevada is home to undulating peaks ranging from 7,000 to over 14,000 feet with Mount Whitney holding the title of the region’s highest mountain. Try something new and explore California’s remarkable Sierra Nevada by horseback.  

1. Mount Desert Island

On Mount Desert Island, the 6th largest island on the contiguous USA. Image credit: Navya Sriramaneni/Wikimedia.org

An adventure of a lifetime is to be had on Mount Desert Island. This idyllic island boasts some of the best landscapes in the United States; particularly, the Acadia National Park. The park is home to magnificent sights such as Cadillac Mountain, Sand Beach, and Jordan Pond.


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