What is Canadian Food?

There are some dishes that are distinctively Canadian.
There are some dishes that are distinctively Canadian.

Canadian cuisine comes in a variety of shapes and forms, depending on the region of the country. The earliest cuisine in the country was that of the indigenous people. Other early influences came from France, Scotland, and England. Different waves of immigration experienced between the 19th and 20th centuries, particularly from the Central, South, and Eastern Europe, East Asia, South Asia, and the Caribbean has brought the additional type of cuisine that are now found within the borders of Canada. Here are some uniquely Canadian dishes and snacks. 

10. Poutine

Poutine dish traces its origin to the Canadian province of Quebec. It is made with cheese curds, French fries, and brown gravy. This dish began emerging in the late 1950s in the region around Centre-du-Québec and it has always been associated with the cuisine of Quebec. For a long time the dish was perceived negatively and even used as means of stigmatizing against the community of Quebec. However later in the years the dish became celebrated and became a symbol of cultural pride of Quebecois. Its rise in prominence eventually led to its popularity outside the province of Quebec especially in the rest of the central part of Canada and in the northeastern region of the United States and even as far away as Japan. Every year Poutine celebrations are held in Quebec City, Montreal, Drummondville, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago, New Hampshire, and Manchester. Currently the dish has been identified as a quintessential Canadian food and it has earned the title of Canada's national dish.

9. Nanaimo Bars

The Nanaimo bar is a dessert originating from Canada. It is a dessert bar item that does not require baking and its name is derived from the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, on the island of Vancouver. The dessert has three layers made up of wafer and a coconut crumb at the base, in the middle is a custard flavored butter icing, and at the top is a layer of chocolate ganache. However, there are many varieties of the Nanaimo bar, which is made of different types of icing flavors, and crumbs, for instance, peanut butter, mint, coconut, and mocha among many other types of chocolate.

8. Steamie

Steamie, also known as Montreal hot dog, is one of the many varieties of hot dogs served as fast food in different diners and restaurants in Montreal and other parts of Quebec. The Steamie has become so popular across all regions in Canada and it is now replacing the traditional hot dog. There are steamie parlors often known as “Wieneries” which have opened in almost all parts of Canada and they are replacing the typical hot dogs at franchised restaurants as well.

7. Caesar

The caesar is a cocktail popular in Canada and it is also known as bloody Caesar. Some of the ingredients used in making this cocktail include vodka, hot sauce, Caesar mix which is a blend of tomato juice, clam broth, and Worcestershire sauce. What differentiates this cocktail from Bloody Mary is the inclusion of clam juice. This cocktail may also be compared to Michelada, which has similar ingredients but uses beer instead of Vodka.

6. Beavertails

Beavertails are a type of Canadian dessert made of deep-fried dough. The dish is associated with outdoor food stands in carnivals, fairs, amusement parks, rodeos, and seaside resorts. The shape of the dessert is said to resemble a beaver tail.

5. Ketchup Chips

Ketchup chips have been a favorite snack of Canadians for decades, although this flavor is unique to the country's borders. It is estimated that about 7.2 million bags of ketchup chips is sold in Canada every year. The origin of this favorite snack has remained a mystery.

4. Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp refers to chocolate bar that is made in Canada and has alternating layers of foamed coffee, flavored candy, and vanilla wafer. The outer layer that covers the whole chocolate is made of milk chocolate. The origin of the chocolate can be traced back to the UK in 1930s which was known as Rowntree’s wafer crisp. This famous crispy wafer was introduced to Canada in 1939 and by 1948 it had become the Canada’s most popular confectionery and has held the position throughout the years.

3. Smarties

Smarties are small candy-coated chocolates that come in a variety of colors. Its manufacture began in 1937, and it was originally manufactured by Rowntree & company in the UK but currently it is produced by Nestle foods. The major markets for this confectionery include Canada, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, and Australia.

2. Butter Tarts

The butter tart is one of Canada's most famous treats. The pastry is made using ingredients such as butter filling, syrup, sugar, and eggs. The ingredients for the pastry vary according to families who bake them and therefore, the appearance and the physical characteristics may differ. Occasionally, raisins, pecans, or walnuts could be added to the traditional butter tart, but the purist argues that such extras should not be added.

1. Kraft Dinner

Kraft Dinner, also known as KD in Canada, is a packaged non-perishable dry macaroni and cheese product. In other countries it is known by other names such as Kraft Mac cheese in the US and Australia, and Macaroni Cheese in the UK. The pastry was first introduced to the US and Canada in 1937 under the name Kraft Dinner. Since the time there are other variant which have been developed over time.


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