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Greenland History Timeline

Greenland's Information

Flag of Greenland
Land Area 2,166,086 km2
Total Area 2,166,086km2
Population 57,728 (#204)
Population Density 0.03/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Parliament Of Greenland); Part Of The Kingdom Of Denmark
GDP (PPP) $2.17 Billion
GDP Per Capita $37,600
Currency Krone (DKK)
  • (2500BC-800BC) The Saqqaq people, the earliest known culture in southern Greenland, thrived over this period
  • (982) Greenland discovered by the Erik the Red
  • (986) Erik the Red returns to Greenland with settlers
  • (1000) Leif Eriksson, the son of Erik the Red, departs Greenland on his journey to the north-east coast of North America. He made it to Newfoundland, 500 years before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue
  • (1006) Thorfinn Karlsefni arrived in Greenland
  • (1500) King Manuel I of Portugal sent Gaspar Corte-Real to Greenland in search of a Northwest Passage to Asia
  • (1600) Viking settlements in Greenland vanish; Inuit peoples remain
  • (1721) Danish settlement built near present-day Nuuk
  • (1750s-1900) Greenland explored and mapped
  • (1861) The first Inuit newspaper began
  • (1888) Fridtjof Nansen of Norway led a 5-man team across Greenland on skis
  • (1897) Robert Peary, Arctic explorer arrives in Greenland
  • (1924) Denmark controls Greenland; Norway ends claim
  • (1940) With Denmark occupied by the Germans, the United States assumes protective custody over Greenland for the duration of World War II
  • (1953) Greenland becomes an integral part of the Kingdom of Denmark and obtains representation in the Danish parliament.
  • (1953) The Danish authorities expel Inuit hunters from their ancestral lands in the far north of the island to expand US airbase at Thule
  • (1968) An American B-52 bomber carrying four hydrogen bombs crashed at North Star Bay, Greenland, killing one crew member and scattering radioactive material
  • (1972) Denmark and Greenland join the European Community
  • (1979) Greenland attains home rule
  • (1982) Greenlanders vote to leave the European Community
  • (1989) A large deposit of gold is discovered
  • (1999) A general election sees Jonathan Motzfeldt re-elected as prime minister
  • (2000) Greenland celebrates the 1000-year anniversary of Leif Eriksson's voyage to North America. Queen Margrethe of Denmark attends along with several Nordic heads of state
  • (2005) Hans Enoksen continues as prime minister in a coalition involving his Siumut party, the Inuit Brotherhood and Atassut
  • (2008) Greenlanders vote in referendum for more autonomy, greater control over energy resources and granting Kalaallisut or Western Greenlandic status as official language in place of Danish
  • (2010) Greenpeace protesters occupy oil exploration drilling rig off Greenland to highlight environmental concerns, following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster
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