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Haiti Facts

Map of Haiti
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Flag of Haiti

Haiti's Quick Facts

Land Area 27,560 km2
Water Area 190 km2
Total Area 27,750 km2
Population 10,485,800
Population Density 377.87 / km2
Government Type Semi-Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $19.34 Billion
GDP Per Capita $1,800
Currency Gourde (HTG)
Largest Cities
  • Port-au-Prince (2,773,553)
  • Name: Haiti
    (long form) Republic of Haiti
  • Capital City: Port-au-Prince (704,776 pop.)
    (1,728,100 metro)
  • Haiti Population: 9,893,934 (2013 est.)
  • World Populations (all countries)
  • Currency: Haiti Gourde
    (conversion rates)

    Haitian Gourdes
    Two Hundred and Fifty Haitian Gourdes
  • Ethnicity: Black 95%, Mulatto and White 5%
  • GDP total: $12.92 billion (2012 est)
  • GDP per capita: $1,300 (2012 est)
  • Land Sizes
  • Language: French (official), Creole (official)
  • Largest Cities: (by population) Port-au-Prince, Carrefour, Delmas 73, Petionville, Croix des Bouquets, Jacmel, Cap-Haitien, Leogane, Les Cayes, Petit Goave
  • Name: The name Haiti come from an Arawak indian word meaning "Land of Mountains"
  • National Day: January 1
  • Religion: Roman Catholic 80%, Protestant 16%, none 1%, other 3%
  • Symbols

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