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Anguillan Flag

Anguilla's Information

Flag of Anguilla
Land Area 91 km2
Total Area 91km2
Population 16,752 (#219)
Population Density 184.09/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (House Of Assembly); Self-governing Overseas Territory Of The UK
GDP (PPP) $175.40 Million
GDP Per Capita $12,200
Currency Dollar (XCD)
More Information Anguilla
Anguilla Flag:
Flag of Anguilla

The flag of Anguilla was officially adopted in 1990.

As a British dependent territory the island flies the United Kingdom (UK) flag. The Anguillan coat of arms features three interlocking dolphins over blue water.

Larger Anguilla flag

Anguilla Coat of Arms:
Coat of arms of Anguilla

Anguilla's coat of arms contains three dolphins jumping out of the sea. Their orange color symbolizes endurance, unity and strength, and the circular motion is for continuity.

The white background of the coat of arms represents peace and tranquility, and the blue base represents the surrounding sea, as well as faith, youth and hope.

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