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Maps of Anguilla

Physical Map of Anguilla showing islands, relief, important harbours, the capital, surrounding water features, and more. caribbean sea large anguilla map caribbean sea st. martin atlantic ocean

Ringed by coral reefs and white sand beaches, Anguilla (a British Overseas Territory), is a mostly flat, low-lying island of coral and limestone;  located in the north-eastern Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

As observed on the physical map of Anguilla above, there are no permanent rivers or streams on the island, and the name of the island is derived from its long thin shape.

Anguilla's highest point is Crocus Hill, with an elevation of only 213ft above sea level. A yellow, upright triangle marks its position on the map.

Anguilla's territory includes a number of smaller offshore islands and cays, mostly tiny and uninhabited. The major ones include: Anguillita, Dog Island, Prickly Pear Cays, Sandy Island, Scrub Island, Little Scrub, Scilly Cay, Seal Island and Sombrero (also known as Hat Island). 

Political Map of Anguilla

Political Map of Anguilla showing its capital The Valley

Anguilla has no administrative divisions. It is one of the British overseas territories in the Eastern Caribbean. Situated in the center of the island near the Crocus Hill is, The Valley, the capital and the largest city of Anguilla.

Where is Anguilla?

Map showing location of Anguilla in the world. bahamas florida gulf of mexico mexico jamaica dominican republic st. vincent and the grenadines grenada central america atlantic ocean atlantic ocean usa honduras nicaragua panama caribbean sea pacific ocean puerto rico south america trinidad and tobago colombia barbados

Anguilla is the northernmost of the Leeward Islands, located in the Eastern Caribbean. It is positioned in the Northern and Western hemispheres of the Earth. Anguilla lies few miles north of St. Martin and is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It shares its maritime borders with Antigua, Barbados and the Virgin Islands of US.

Regional Maps: Map of North America

Outline Map of Anguilla

Blank Outline Map of Anguilla

The above blank map represents Anguilla - the most northerly of the Leeward Islands located in the Caribbean. The above map can be downloaded, printed and used for geographical educational purposes. 

Outline Map of Anguilla

The above outline map represents Anguilla - an island nation in the Lesser Antilles. Anguilla is a spectacular chain of flat, low-lying islands in the Caribbean Sea. 

Key Facts

Legal Name Anguilla
Capital City The Valley
18 13 N, 63 03 W
Independence none (overseas territory of the UK)


Total Area 91.00 km2
Land Area 91.00 km2
Water Area 0.00 km2
Total Border 0.0 km
Coastline 61.0 km
Climate Tropical; moderated by northeast trade winds
Coordinates 18 15 N, 63 10 W
Mean Elevation 0 m
Lowest Elevation 0 m
Caribbean Sea
Highest Elevation 73 m
Crocus Hill


Population 17,422
Ethnic Groups African/black 85.3%, hispanic 4.9%, mixed 3.8%, white 3.2%, East Indian/Indian 1%, other 1.6%, unspecified 0.3% (2011 est.)
Languages English (official)
Religions Protestant 73.2% (includes Anglican 22.7%, Methodist 19.4%, Pentecostal 10.5%, Seventh Day Adventist 8.3%, Baptist 7.1%, Church of God 4.9%, Presbytarian 0.2%, Brethren 0.1%), Roman Catholic 6.8%, Jehovah's Witness 1.1%, other Christian 10.9%, other 3.2%, unspecified 0.3%, none 4.5% (2011 est.)


Currency East Caribbean dollars (XCD)
Exports Lobster, fish, livestock, salt, concrete blocks, rum

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