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Guatemalan Symbols

  • Bird: Quetzal
  • Coat of Arms:

    coat of arms of guatemala

  • Coat of Arms: The Coat of Arms shows two Bay Laurel branches symbolizing victory. The bird displayed in the crest is the Quetzal. In Guatemala this bird is a symbol of liberty.

    The scroll contains the date that all of Central America was declared independent from Spain. The crossed rifles are a warning that Guatemala will defend itself with force if necessary. Finally, the swords represent the honor of the people of Guatemala.
  • Flag of Guatemala
  • Flower: White Nun Orchid
  • Motto: "País de la Eterna Primavera" "Country of the Eternal Spring"
  • Guatemala's Information

    Flag of Guatemala
    Land Area 107,159 km2
    Water Area 1,730 km2
    Total Area 108,889km2 (#105)
    Population 15,189,958 (#70)
    Population Density 141.75/km2
    Government Type Presidential Republic
    GDP (PPP) $132.00 Billion
    GDP Per Capita $7,900
    Currency Quetzal (GTQ)
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