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Salvadorean Flag

Physical Map of El Salvador showing relief, major rivers and mountain ranges, important settlements, bordering countries, etc.
Where is El Salvador?

El Salvador's Quick Facts

Land Area 20,721 km2
Water Area 320 km2
Total Area 21,041 km2
Population 6,156,670
Population Density 292.60 / km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $54.79 Billion
GDP Per Capita $8,900
Currency Dollar (USD)
Largest Cities
  • San Salvador (1,105,766)
El Salvador Flag:
Flag of El Salvador

The flag of El Salvador was officially adopted on May 17, 1912. The blue and white are the original colors used by the United Provinces of Central America after they gained their independence from Spain in 1823. The centered emblem is surrounded by the five flags of the United Provinces.

El Salvador Coat of Arms:
el salvador coat of arms

The center of the Coat of Arms consists of a triangle, in which five volcanoes rise out of the sea. They symbolize the five member states of the United Provinces of Central America. Above the volcanoes is a red Phrygian cap on a staff before a golden sun and the date of 15 September, 1821, Independence Day of El Salvador. Behind the coat of arms there are five raised flags representing the flags of the Federal Republic of Central America.

Below, there is a scroll which states the national motto of El Salvador: Dios, UniĆ³n, Libertad which means "God, Union, Liberty". All of this is surrounded by a laurel garland, which is tied together under the national flag. The garland is divided into 14 different parts, which symbolize the 14 Departments.

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