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Bermudan Time

Map of Bermuda Atlantic Ocean large bermuda map
Locator Map of Bermuda

Bermuda's Information

Flag of Bermuda
Land Area 54 km2
Water Area 0 km2
Total Area 54 km2
Population 70,537
Population Density 1,306.24 / km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy (Parliament); Self-Governing Overseas Territory Of The Uk
GDP (PPP) $5.20 Billion
GDP Per Capita $85,700
Currency Dollar (BMD)
Largest Cities
  • Hamilton (902)

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  • UTC at Greenwich, England

  • - 4 hours from UTC

Current Date and Time in Bermuda

Standard Time is now in effect across Bermuda. It will revert to Daylight Savings Time in the summer.

UTC and GMT an update

The worldwide standard for coordinated universal time, formerly known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), is now abbreviated as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Some sources still refer to it as UTC/GMT and some web browsers, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, still display it as GMT.

The UTC Time (shown directly below) is the standard time zone upon which all other worldwide time zones are based. It never observes daylight saving time.

Atlantic Oceanlarge bermuda map

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