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Maps of Bermuda

Physical Map of Bermuda showing islands, beaches, surrounding water features, highest point, important settlements, and more. Atlantic Ocean large bermuda map

Covering a total area of 53.3 sq. km, the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda (generally referred to as a singular territory) actually consists of 181 islands, of which the Main Island is the largest. Bermuda is located 918 km (570 miles) east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and 1,250km (775 miles) southeast of New York City in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The 8 largest islands are connected by bridges and causeways and form a fishhook-shaped landmass, stretching 22 miles in length and about a mile across. Of all the other small islands, only about a dozen are inhabited. All the islands are volcanic in origin, originating from a mountain mass that rose from the sea floor millions of years ago. The highest point is a hill only 76m (249 ft) high. Its position has been marked by a yellow upright triangle on the physical map of Bermuda seen above. 

Also, as observed on the map, the land is generally flat, rising to low hills separated by depressions. The land in these depressions is very fertile and home to most of the agricultural production in Bermuda. The layers of limestone are covered with a red soil, high in iron, low in magnesium. Although there are no freshwater lakes or rivers in Bermuda, the area is lush and green, due to the consistently high levels of rain. Bermuda is one of the most northerly places where coral is found. The reefs, which protect the limestone coastlines from erosion, are protected by law. The reefs are very healthy and are biological hotspots, supporting a diversity of marine law. The important beaches of Bermuda have also been marked on the map.      

Parishes of Bermuda Map

Bermuda is divided into 9 parishes and 2 municipalities. In alphabetical order, the 9 parishes are Devonshire, Hamilton, Paget, Pembroke, Sandys, Smith’s, Southampton, St. George’s and Warwick. The 2 municipalities are: Hamilton and St. George’s.

Covering a total area of 53.3 sq. km, the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda is an archipelago comprising of 181 islands; of which the Main Island is the largest. Located on the northern part of Hamilton Harbour is, Hamilton – the capital city of Bermuda. It is the chief administrative and financial center, an important tourist destination and a major port of the island territory. Situated in the north-eastern part of Bermuda within the St. George’s parish is St. George’s – the largest city of Bermuda.

Where is Bermuda?

Map showing location of Bermuda in the world.

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory comprising of 181 islands, in the North Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is geographically positioned in the Northern and Western hemispheres of the Earth. It is situated about 1,035km east-southeast of Cape Hatteras (North Carolina); 1,236km south of Cape Sable Island (Nova Scotia); 1,538km north of British Virgin Islands and 1,759km northeast of Cuba. Bermuda is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean.

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Outline Map of Bermuda

The above blank map represents Bermuda – a British Overseas Territory in North Atlantic Ocean. The above map can be downloaded, printed and used for geographical educational purposes.

The above outline map represents Bermuda, a British Overseas Territory in North Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda comprises of 181 islands that form a fishhook-shaped landmass.

Key Facts

Legal Name Bermuda
Flag of Bermuda
Capital City Hamilton
32 17 N, 64 47 W
Total Area 54.00 km2
Land Area 54.00 km2
Water Area N/A
Population 63,918
Currency Bermudian dollars (BMD)
GDP $5.57 Billion
GDP Per Capita $85,748.07

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