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Norwegian Symbols

Physical Map of Norway showing relief, international boundaries, major rivers, mountain ranges, extreme points, important cities, islands, etc.
Where is Norway?

Flag of Norway

Norway's Quick Facts

Land Area 304,282 km2
Water Area 19,520 km2
Total Area 323,802 km2
Population 5,265,158
Population Density 16.26 / km2
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
GDP (PPP) $365.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $69,300
Currency Krone (NOK)
Largest Cities
  • Oslo (1,041,378)
  • Animal: Moose
  • Bird: Dipper
  • Flag of Norway
  • Coat of Arms: The National Coat of Arms dates from the Middle Ages and features an upright, yellow crowned lion rampant, holding a white and yellow axe on a red, triangle-shaped field.

    It's one of the oldest in all of Europe and originated as a personal coat of arms for the royal family. After slight adjustments over time, the current version shown was approved by the King of Norway on May 20, 1992.
  • Flag of Norway
  • Flower: Purple Heather
  • Fish: Cod
  • Motto: None official, but the King's Motto, "Alt for Norge" (All for Norway) is a popular option.
  • National Anthem: "Ja, vi elsker dette landet" (Yes, We Love This Country), Music composed by Rikard Nordraak, and lyrics written by Bjornstjerne Bjornson, one of Norway's great poets.

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