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Cypriot Flag

Physical Map of Cyprus showing relief, highest point, major mountain ranges, important urban centres, etc.
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Flag of Cyprus

Cyprus's Quick Facts

Land Area 9,241 km2
Water Area 10 km2
Total Area 9,251 km2
Population 1,205,575
Population Density 130.32 / km2
Government Type Republic Of Cyprus - Presidential Democracy; Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus (Self-Declared) - Semi-Presidential Democracy
GDP (PPP) $29.26 Billion
GDP Per Capita $34,400
Currency Euro (EUR)
Largest Cities
  • Nicosia (200,452)
  • Limassol (154,000)
  • Larnaca (72,000)
  • Famagusta (42,526)
  • Paphos (35,961)
  • Kyrenia (26,701)
  • Protaras (20,230)

Cyprus Flag:
Flag of Cyprus>

The flag of Cyprus was officially adopted on August 16, 1960. >

The island is a copper shade representative of its name, Cyprus - the Greek word for copper. The crossed green olive branches symbolize the hope for peace between the Turks and the Greeks. >

Larger Cyprus flag >

Cyprus Coat of Arms:
Flag of Cyprus

The coat of arms of Cyprus displays a dove carrying an olive branch (which symbolizes peace) against a yellow shield (which represents the copper deposits on the island). The year '1960' represents independence from Britain.

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