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Geography Statistics of Vietnam

Vietnam's Information

Flag of Vietnam
Land Area 310,070 km2
Water Area 21,140 km2
Total Area 331,210km2 (#65)
Population 95,261,021 (#14)
Population Density 307.22/km2
Government Type Communist State
GDP (PPP) $595.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $6,400
Currency Dong (VND)
More Information Vietnam
Largest Cities
  • Coastline: 2,140 miles (3,444 km) excludes islands
  • Land Area:
    (land) 119,718 sq miles (310,070 sq km)
    (water) 8,162 sq miles (21,140 sq km)
    (TOTAL) 127,880 sq miles (331,210 sq km)

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  • Land Area: (all countries)
  • Land Divisions: There are 59 provinces and 5 municipalities in Vietnam
  • Horizontal Width: 268.5 miles (432.11 km) from Dien Bien Phu east to Hong Gai
  • Vertical Length: 761.79 miles (1225.98 km) from Hanoi south to Ho Chi Minh

    Note: Lengths and widths are point-to-point, straight-line measurements from a Mercator map projection, and will vary some using other map projections
  • Bordering Countries: (3) Cambodia, China, Laos
  • Geographic Center: About 43.82 miles (70.52 km) northwest of Hue
  • Highest Point: Fan Si Pan 10,315 ft. (3,144 m)
  • Lowest Point: South China Sea 0m
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Relative Location

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