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Turkmen Symbols

Physical Map of Turkmenistan with state boundaries, relief, major rivers, lakes, highland areas, highest peak, important cities, and more.
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Flag of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan's Quick Facts

Land Area 469,930 km2
Water Area 18,170 km2
Total Area 488,100 km2
Population 5,291,317
Population Density 10.84 / km2
Government Type Presidential Republic; Authoritarian
GDP (PPP) $94.72 Billion
GDP Per Capita $17,300
Currency Manat (TMT)
Largest Cities
  • Ashgabat (846,255)
  • Coat of Arms:

    Flag of Turkmenistan

  • Coat of Arms: The emblem of Turkmenistan is composed of an eight-pointed green star (the Rub El Hizb) and displays an Akhal-Teke horse centered in a blue disc.

    Surrounding the horse, on a band of red, are five traditional carpet motifs (representing the Teke, Yomut, Arsary, Chowdur and Saryk tribes). Sheaves of wheat make up the outer edge with the symbol of Islam resting above.
  • Flag of Turkmenistan

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