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Thai Flag

Phyiscal Map of Thailand with state boundaries, relief, major mountain ranges, rivers, important cities, islands, highest point, and more.
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Flag of Thailand

Thailand's Quick Facts

Land Area 510,890 km2
Water Area 2,230 km2
Total Area 513,120 km2
Population 68,200,824
Population Density 132.91 / km2
Government Type Constitutional Monarchy; Note - Interim Military-Affiliated Government Since May 2014
GDP (PPP) $1.16 Trillion
GDP Per Capita $16,800
Currency Baht (THB)
Largest Cities
  • Krung Thep (Bangkok) (10,539,415)
  • Chon Buri (1,398,645)
  • Samut Prakan (1,306,937)
  • Chiang Mai (1,166,978)
  • Songkhla (966,597)
  • Nonthaburi (962,694)
  • Pathum Thani (913,741)
  • Nakhon Ratchasima (774,022)
  • Samut Sakhon (578,273)
  • Udon Thani (570,115)
Thailand Flag:
Flag of Thailand

The Thailand flag was officially adopted on September 28, 1917.

Red is said to symbolize the blood of life, white the purity of the Buddhist faith, and blue the monarchy. The blue and white stripes were added to the flag during World War I.

Larger Thailand flag

Thailand Coat of Arms:
Flag of Thailand

Thailand's coat of arms is a Garuda from Buddhist and Hindu mythology.

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