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Taiwan History Timeline

Taiwan's Information

Flag of Taiwan
Land Area 32,260 km2
Water Area 3,720 km2
Total Area 35,980km2
Population 23,464,787 (#55)
Population Density 727.36/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $1,130.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $49,500
Currency Dollar (TWD)
Largest Cities

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1500 - 1600
  • (1544) Portuguese ship sailed by Taiwan, named it Ilha Formosa (beautiful island)
  • (1604) Dutch army was ordered to settle in Pescadores to open trade with China; Ming Dynasty General Shen You-rong demanded they leave
  • (1624) China and Dutch began trading; Dutch established trading base; Dutch administration of Taiwan began
  • (1624) Dutch began construction of Fort Zeelandia
  • (1628) Spanish established settlement in northern Taiwan in attempt to attract Chinese merchants
  • (1642) Dutch drove Spanish out of Taiwan, became sole ruling power
  • (1662) Chinese pirate Koginga, defeated Dutch
  • (1662) After fall of China's Ming Dynasty, leaders fled to Taiwan, established base for Qing Dynasty
  • (1683) Qing Dynasty annexed Taiwan
  • (1867) American merchant ship Rover, shipwrecked off Taiwan's coast, sailors were killed by Taiwanese Aborigines
  • (1871) 54 shipwrecked Ryukuan sailors killed by Paiwan aborigines
  • (1874) Japan sent 3,600 soldiers to Taiwan in retribution for killed Ryukuan sailors
  • (1875) Qing government made Taiwan a province; Taipei became capital
  • (1894) Japan invaded Taiwan
  • (1895) China signed Treaty of Shimonoseki, ceded Taiwan and Pescadores Islands to Japan
  • (1895 - 1902) Thousands of Taiwanese died during unsuccessful guerrilla war against Japanese
  • (1927) Taiwanese People's Party was founded
  • (1930) Seediq indigenous group attacked Wushe, killed over 130 Japanese; Japanese counter-attacked, killed over 1,000 Seediq
  • (1945) Japan returned Taiwan to China at end of World War II; Chen Yi of Kuomintang appointed Chief Executive of Taiwan
  • (1947) 228 Massacre - anti-government uprising violently suppressed by China, resulted in massacre of tens of thousands of civilians
  • (1947) Chen Yi recalled; Taiwan Provincial Government established
  • (1949) Mao proclaimed founding of People's Republic of China; Chiang Kai-shed and KMT retreated to Taiwan, established new regime
  • (1949) Martial Law declared
  • (1950) US protected Taiwan from Chinese invasion during Korean War
  • (1951) Taiwan Provincial Assembly established
  • (1951) Japan formally renounced claims to Taiwan, did not name a recipient
  • (1952) Japan, China singed Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty (Treaty of Taipei)
  • (1966) Chiang Kai-shek launched Chinese Cultural Renaissance
  • (1972) Diplomatic relations with Japan were severed
  • (1975) Chiang Kai-Shek died; Chiang Ching-kuo became Kuomingtang Central Committee Chairman
  • (1978) Chiang Ching-kuo elected President
  • (1979) United States passed Taiwan Relations Act, affirming commitment to defend Taiwan militarily, to treat as a state
  • (1979) Movement began to end 40-year old Martial Law; Democratic Progressive Party formed
  • (1987) Martial Law lifted
  • (1988) President Chiang Ching-kuo died; Lee Teng-hui assumed presidency
  • (1991) Members of Legislative Yuan and National Assembly, elected in 1947, forced to resign
  • (1991) Executive Yuan accepted Guidelines for National Unification
  • (1992) China conducted military maneuvers, missile testing, air and naval life-ammunition exercises off coast of Taiwan; US sent two aircraft carriers to Taiwan Strait
  • (1996) Lee Teng-hui won first democratic presidential election
  • (1999) Earthquake in Jiji killed 2,415, injured over 11,000 and caused $10 billion in damages
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