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South Korean Symbols

South Korea's Information

Flag of South Korea
Land Area 96,920 km2
Water Area 2,800 km2
Total Area 99,720km2 (#107)
Population 50,924,172 (#27)
Population Density 525.42/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $1,930.00 Billion
Currency Won (KRW)
Largest Cities

  • The National Emblem - Nara Munjang:  The National Emblem of the Republic of Korea is mainly used for matters such as official documents, public ID cards, and government vessels. The emblem draws inspiration from the official flag of the Republic of Korea as well as the national flower. 
  • Flag of South Korea
  • Flower: Mugunghwa, also called Hibiscus syriacus (Rose of Sharon)
  • The National Anthem: Aegukga, sometimes called "the Patriotic Song" in English 
  • The National Seal:  Guksae 
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South Korea Trivia

What are the Major Ethnic Groups of South Korea?

96% of the South Korean population is comprised by ethnic Koreans, while the largest groups of immigrants are from China and the United States.

Ethnic Minorities And Immigrants In South Korea

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