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North Korea

Archaeological evidence on the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592 and then by the Manchu invasion of 1627.

Joseon was renamed in 1897 to the Korean Empire, and Emperor Gojong took control.

During the 20th century, Korea saw a significant turn of events. In a land-grab, US-backed republic in the south.

North Korea, under its founder President Kim Il Sung, established a socialist economy and a self-reliance policy in foreign policy and national defense.

Kim's son, Kim Jong Il, was officially designated as Kim's successor in 1980, and on his father's death in 1994, he assumed full power.

Under the rule of Kim Jong Il, demoralization swept ruthlessly across the land, and after decades of economic mismanagement and misplaced resource allocations, North Korea now relies heavily on international aid to feed its growing population, while sadly continuing to expend resources to maintain a huge army.

Korean Peninsula today there are millions of people still hoping for the eventual reunification of their common culture and extended families.

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