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Flag of Western Sahara

Western Sahara's Quick Facts

Land Area 266,000 km2
Water Area 0 km2
Total Area 266,000 km2
Population 587,020
Population Density 2.21 / km2
Government Type Legal Status Of Territory And Issue Of Sovereignty Unresolved - Territory Contested By Morocco And Polisario Front (Popular Front For The Liberation Of The Saguia El Hamra And Rio De Oro), Which In February 1976 Formally Proclaimed A Government-In-Exile Of The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (Sadr), Near Tindouf, Algeria, Was Led By President Mohamed Abdelaziz Until His Death In May 2016; Current President Brahim Ghali Elected In July 2016; Territory Partitioned Between Morocco And Mauritania In April 1976 When Spain Withdrew, With Morocco Acquiring Northern Two-Thirds; Mauritania, Under Pressure From Polisario Guerrillas, Abandoned All Claims To Its Portion In August 1979; Morocco Moved To Occupy That Sector Shortly Thereafter And Has Since Asserted Administrative Control; The Polisario's Government-In-Exile Was Seated As An Organization Of African Unity (Oau) Member In 1984 - Morocco Between 1980 And 1987 Built A Fortified Sand Berm Delineating The Roughly 80 Percent Of Western Sahara West Of The Barrier That Currently Is Controlled By Morocco; Guerrilla Activities Continued Sporadically Until A Un-Monitored Cease-Fire Was Implemented On 6 September 1991 (Security Council Resolution 690) By The United Nations Mission For The Referendum In Western Sahara (Minurso)
GDP (PPP) $906.50 Million
GDP Per Capita $2,500
Currency Dirham (MAD)

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