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Swazi Symbols

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Flag of Eswatini

Eswatini's Quick Facts

Land Area 17,204 km2
Water Area 160 km2
Total Area 17,364 km2
Population 1,451,428
Population Density 83.59 / km2
Government Type Absolute Monarchy
GDP (PPP) $10.94 Billion
GDP Per Capita $9,800
Currency Lilangeni (SZL)
  • Animal: Thomson's Gazelle
  • Bird: Purple-crested Turaco
  • Coat of Arms:

    Flag of Swaziland

  • Coat of Arms: The Swaziland coat of arms is composed of a lion (representing the king) and an elephant (representing the queen-mother) supporting a traditional Nguni shield, a symbol for protection.

    A crown of feathers rests on top of the shield, and the national motto Siyinqaba ("We are the fortress") is displayed on a ribbon below.
  • Flag of Swaziland
  • Motto: "Siyinqaba" ("We are the fortress")

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