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Somali Flag

Somalia's Information

Flag of Somalia
Land Area 627,337 km2
Water Area 10,320 km2
Total Area 637,657km2 (#43)
Population 10,817,354 (#83)
Population Density 17.24/km2
Government Type Federal Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $4.72 Billion
GDP Per Capita $400
Currency Shilling (SOS)
Largest Cities

Somalia Flag:

Flag of Somalia

The flag of Somalia was officially adopted on October 12, 1954. The blue field is the same shade used by the United Nations.

The five-pointed white "Star of Unity" is symbolic of the Somali race found in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya and the former associated British and Italian colonies.

Larger Somalia flag

Somalia Coat of Arms:
Flag of Somalia

Somalia's coat of arms features two leopards supporting a shield, which bears the white star of the national flag. Below the shield are two crossed lances and palm fronds wrapped in a ribbon.

This page was last updated on July 10, 2020.

Somalia Trivia

What Kind of Government Does Somalia Have?

The government of Somalia is headed by the President of Somalia, to whom the Cabinet reports through the Prime Minister.

What Type Of Government Does Somalia Have?

What is the tallest mountain in Somalia?

Mount Shimbiris, also known as Mount Surud Cad, is the tallest mountain in Somalia with an elevation of 8,070 feet above sea level.

Tallest Mountains In Somalia

What is the biggest city in Somalia?

Mogadishu is home to 2,425,000 inhabitants making it the largest city in Somalia.

Biggest Cities In Somalia

What are the Ecological Regions of Somalia?

Ecological regions in Somalia include East African Mangroves, the Hobyo Grasslands and Shrublands, and the Ethiopian Montane Forests.

Ecological Regions Of Somalia

What Is The Puntland State Of Somalia?

Puntland State is a self-declared state located in Somalia’s northeastern region. Although the local leaders of Puntland have claimed it as an autonomous state, the international community regards it as an autonomous region of Somalia.

Where is Puntland?

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