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Guinean Flag

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Flag of Guinea

Guinea's Quick Facts

Land Area 245,717 km2
Water Area 140 km2
Total Area 245,857 km2
Population 12,093,349
Population Density 49.19 / km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $16.08 Billion
GDP Per Capita $1,300
Currency Franc (GNF)
Largest Cities
  • Conakry (1,938,272)
Guinea Flag:
Flag of Guinea

The national flag of Guinea was officially adopted on November 10, 1958.

The flag features the Pan-African colors of red, yellow and green. Red symbolizes the struggle for independence, yellow represents the sun and the riches of the land, while green is symbolic of the country's vegetation.

Larger Guinea flag

Guinea Coat of Arms:
Flag of Guinea

The coat of arms of Guinea is composed of a dove carrying an olive branch, as well as a ribbon displaying the national motto.

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