About Religion

Religion is an important part of life for many people around the world. While the largest religions in the world include Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, numerous other religious and spiritual practices are followed across the globe. 

Religion Facts

What is the Sacred Text of the Baha'i Faith?

These are two distinct texts of the Baha'i faith written that were by Baha'u'llah, the founder of the Baha'i faith. The Seven Valleys, written in the year 1860 in Baghdad, explains the journey of the soul through seven stages of life that focus on finding the right path.

Sacred Texts Of Major World Religions

What is the Oldest Religion in the World?

It is generally believed that Hinduism is the world's oldest religion.

What is the Oldest Religion in the World?

What is the Largest Religion in the Philippines?

The major religion in the Philippines is Roman Catholic Christianity.

Religious Beliefs In The Philippines

What is the Largest Religion in Pakistan?

Sunni Islam is followed by 96.03% of the population of Pakistan, making it the largest religion in Pakistan.

Religion in Pakistan

In Which African Countries Is Islam The Religion Of The Majority?

Nearly one-third of the total Muslim population in the world can be found in Africa. Islam is the religion of the majority in 19 African countries.

African Countries With Islam As The Religion Of The Majority

What is the World's Fastest Growing Religion?

The world's fastest growing religion is Islam, followed by Christianity and Hinduism.

The Fastest Growing Religions in the World

What are the Demographics of Italy?

Around 8% of Italy’s population identify as one of the numerous non-Italian minorities, with Romanian Italians being the largest of the minority groups. The dominant ethnic group in Italy is the native Italians who mainly speak the Italian language

The Religious Demographics Of Italy

What Are The Abrahamic Religions?

Abrahamic religions are the religions which are based on an ancient Israelite religious figure known as Abraham. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are regarded as the largest Abrahamic religions by the number of adherents.

What Are The Abrahamic Religions?