The beautiful Lake Togo at sunrise.

Haho River

In Southern West Africa, running through the southern part of Togo until it connects with Lake Togo, is the Haho River. The Haho River is a hidden gem where locals and visitors alike can take in its beautiful sights and unique wildlife. Calm enough for a nice kayak ride and wild enough for a picture-perfect adventure, discover the history, nearby attractions, and characteristics of this river that make it a must-see spot.

Geography Of The Haho River

Fishermen at Lake Togo, Togo, West Africa
Fishermen at Lake Togo, Togo, West Africa.

Over 100 miles long, the Haho River winds its way through a vast valley in the Alpino region. It’s bordered by rows of trees, allowing the river more privacy and protection. Between the trees, visitors can spot the sparkling turquoise waters the river is known for. In contrast to the warmth and the tranquility the river provides, looking beyond the river, the Alpino Mountain Range can be spotted, its snow-covered mountains peeking out in the distance and giving a dreamlike backdrop to the already enchanting environment. 

Haho River splits in a more northern section into two separate rivers close to the Gbenblévé area; one branch eventually changing to Yoto River, the other to Haya River. 


Haho’s population had its spike after the First World War due to Benin migrants coming over and settling in the eastern parts of Haho, where the land was easily acquired. However, the rapid unregulated population increase later resulted in conflicts over land, especially once the number of migrants outweighed the number of locals in the Haho area. 

The history of the Haho River itself does not extend far beyond being used by locals as a means to sustain themselves by harvesting the various plants and marine life found in the river. However, being connected to Lake Togo, a body of water that visitors often use for travel and locals for transport, it’s likely Haho has all the same uses. 

Things To Do

Mount Agou in Togo visible in the distance.

On the river, visitors can relax in and around the beautiful water flowing through the river. The valley provides a sense of privacy that makes for the perfect low-key getaway. Aside from relaxation, visitors can take kayaks out along the river and either enjoy the calmer parts or head for the rapids and currents for a more exhilarating experience. For those who enjoy fishing, the water in the Togo region is known to have a sizable Tilapia population. However, before consuming any self-caught fish, be sure to consult a local beforehand and find out the local fishing regulations. 

Not far from the river, visitors can stop in at the Cascade de Kpimé, a natural waterfall with a small grove for swimming. Heading upstream will take you to Lake Togo, where there are more water activities thanks to the larger expanse of water.

For a break from the water, Mount Agou, the highest mountain in Togo, isn’t far from the Haho River. Visitors can spend the night in local accommodations and spend their days hiking and exploring the mountain.


Haho River is home to many types of flora and fauna, which allow for their exports of fishing and agricultural production to continue to thrive. There are plenty of fish found in the river, and various species of plants and herbs can be found in the areas running along the river.

Looking up past the water and wetlands toward the trees, visitors can spot the birds that call Togo home and spend time by the river, hoping to catch some fish themselves. Bird watchers love to scope out the captivating wildlife flying above the pristine waters and below the beautiful mountain range.

The Haho River is a beautiful and peaceful destination that should never be overlooked. The abundance of wildlife, inspiring views, and wide range of activities make for a getaway with a little something for everyone. Spend time relaxing along the banks, or find a challenge in navigating the rapids on the river. 


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