Bavarian-style buildings in Helen, Georgia. Image credit PQK via Shutterstock

These 10 Towns in Georgia Have Beautiful Architecture

Flaunting its iconic Southern charm and equally iconic history, Georgia is one of America’s most captivating states to visit. From its collection of natural wonders, such as the colossal dome of granite Stone Mountain, to man-made tourist attractions, such as the Georgia Aquarium, among the largest aquariums in the world, Georgia has no shortage of amazing landmarks for travelers to see. Another fascinating aspect of this southern state that visitors to the various towns in Georgia will surely notice is the eye-catching collection of buildings and houses with stunning architecture.

With Georgia’s long history spanning centuries, it is inevitable for the towns here to be a hotpot of various cultures to congregate in. From Native Americans to Europeans, dozens of towns in Georgia have kept to their diverse roots and proudly show their history with their well-preserved architectural buildings. So buckle up, and don't pass by some of the most beautiful architecture and aesthetically pleasing towns in Georgia.


Georgia College and State University campus scene, Milledgeville, Georgia.
Georgia College and State University campus scene, Milledgeville, Georgia. Image credit Rob Hainer via

The moment you set foot inside the quiet town of Milledgeville, you will have a distinct feeling of traveling back in time. Its brick-lined streets and antebellum architecture truly give Milledgeville a grand historic ambiance. The Milledgeville Historic District features homes and establishments incorporating Gothic and Greek Revival architecture, such as the Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home and the Old Governor’s Mansion, giving even the simplest house a classy vibe. This is not to mention the grand Italianate mansions that act as landmarks around the town.

The people of Milledgeville also understand the intricacies of what makes their town unique, as seen in their attention to arts and culture. This is best exemplified at the Milledgeville Allied Arts, with various exhibits and performances and is the heart of the artistic local community. Visitors should also time their travel for October, when the town celebrates its Deep Roots Festival, a celebration of Southern literature, arts, and music, to fully understand what Milledgeville is all about.


Madison, Georgia, US antebellum homes district.
Madison, Georgia, antebellum homes district.

With homes and buildings that appear to have stayed within the 19th century, it is not surprising why Madison thrives off its historic district designated as a National Historic Landmark District. Each of the buildings in Madison is meticulously preserved, and visitors will see a collection of Greek, Gothic, and Victorian homes and churches in a near-pristine state, as they looked centuries ago. For those looking to peek into Madison’s history, the Heritage Hall and its Greek Revival architecture have stood tall as an icon since 1811 in this quaint town.

Foodies will find the Farmview Café a fantastic place to dine and sample what Madison offers in terms of cuisine. A local favorite in the area with its cozy cafeteria-style aesthetic, visitors are highly recommended to try their popular pecan-crusted chicken salad. As for those who prefer something a lot more casual, check out Betty Gene’s with its menu of classic Southern comfort food like mac and cheese, fried chicken, and a collection of fan-favorite desserts.


Thomas County Courthouse in Thomasville, Georgia.
Thomas County Courthouse in Thomasville, Georgia. Image credit Roberto via

Another designated National Historic Landmark District, Thomasville, or “Rose City,” is home to several stunning Victorian-era mansions featuring many architectural styles, such as Italianate, Queen Anne, and Second Empire. Thomasville can be considered the peak of lavish Victorian architecture, captured in the famous Lapham-Patterson House, a 19th-century mansion with Second Empire aesthetics. Visitors can go on a guided tour through this methodically restored mansion and get a detailed history lesson along the way.

Besides the affluent mansions that have become a signature of Thomasville, you can also head to The Ritz Amphitheater and Park for a stroll or events like concerts and dances. Food is lip-smacking at Liam’s Restaurant, with its blend of American and European menus, or at AJ Moonspin Pizza, with its vibrant and creative take on the classic pub experience and a huge selection of delicious craft beers and pizzas.


Lafayette Fountain in Lagrange, Georgia.
Lafayette Fountain in Lagrange, Georgia. Image credit UmairAshfaq via Shutterstock

Looking past the iconic mansions that LaGrange is known for, the town also has other interesting architectural buildings, such as the West Point Mill and Village, which feature rustic Greek Revival cottages built by workers during the town’s developmental period. The striking LaGrange College is another architectural beauty in the area. Another fantastic marvel is the Hills and Dales Estate, a 35-acre mansion full of classy decorations and beautiful gardens. The estate dates back to the early 1900s, and its guests can get a tour and learn about the Callaway family, who used to own it.

Other spectacular sites include West Point Lake, a popular destination among both locals and tourists. If you want to enjoy time with relatives or friends, then The Great Wolf Lodge Water Park is a great place to spend the night or day, with various activities and attractions in the water park.

St. Marys

Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church is one of the oldest religious structures located within the St. Marys Historic District in St. Marys, Georgia.
Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church is one of the oldest religious structures located within the St. Marys Historic District in St. Marys, Georgia. Image credit William Silver via

The historic port city of St. Marys is home to a blend of different cultures, which can be seen from the diverse architectural styles used around this picturesque coastal city. From surviving Colonial-era tabby buildings to Greek Revival houses, Victorian cottages, and Mediterranean Revival buildings, St. Marys is a feast for the eyes. In addition, there is also the St Marys Submarine Museum, showcasing the history of the US Submarine Force.

Those who visit this coastal city should ensure that they pass by the stunning St. Marys Historic District, which houses various Federal-style architectural buildings that tourists can view from the relaxing tree-lined streets. The Cumberland Island Ferry is also a must-visit to get the best view of the Cumberland River. The St. Mary's Riverfront is also a highly recommended spot for those who want to walk or bike along the picturesque riverfront and get a breathtaking view of the surrounding marshlands.


Fort King George historic site, the oldest English fort on the Georgia coast.
Fort King George historic site, the oldest English fort on the Georgia coast. Image credit tokar via Shutterstock

The small coastal town of Darien, home to the Fort King Georgia historic site, features a fascinating collection of the past, where the Darien-McIntosh Visitor Information Center will be your one-stop shop for maps and recommendations for activities to do in this charming old-timey town.

Visitors should also check out the Ashantilly Center, a rebuilt home originally belonging to Thomas Spalding. Take the guided tour that will walk you through the expansive mansion and enjoy the beautiful gardens and highly detailed architecture of its interior and exterior design. Darien’s locals love seafood, and their favorite spot is B and J’s Steaks and Seafood. Other notable dining spots include Skippers' Fish Camp and the Blue Bay Mexican Grill.


Union County courthouse in Blairsville, Georgia.
Union County courthouse in Blairsville, Georgia. Image credit John Trainor, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Blairsville is a small, quiet town found on the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and with it comes a lovely blend of natural beauty and elegant architecture. Besides being connected to the stunning Appalachian Trail, Blairsville is also home to the Historic Union County Courthouse, situated at the center of a traffic circle. This courthouse takes pride in its beautiful Richardsonian Romanesque architecture, which once served as the center of Union County’s government for years after restoring it in 1899.

Other than Blairsville's historical importance, those who have an insatiable wanderlust can try to conquer the iconic Appalachian Trail. This nearly 2,190-mile hike is well-known for its breathtaking overlooks and the tranquil beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. Blairsville also holds several open spaces, such as Meeks Park, which offers visitors fun activities such as a skateboard park, disc golf course, and a swimming pool.


Historic small town city hall or courthouse in Cartersville, Georgia
Historic small town city hall or courthouse in Cartersville, Georgia.

With all the reasons to claim the nickname "The Bartow County Gem," Cartersville has its name for natural beauty, culture, rich history, and economic importance. Those who have an affinity for classic architecture will no doubt enjoy visiting the Rose Lawn Museum. With its Victorian-era design and accurately restored and furnished with authentic 19th-century furniture and displays, it is a great starting place.

Arts and culture are also highly valued in Carterville. The Booth Western Art Museum, for example, holds a multitude of paintings, sculptures, and firearms depicting the history of the American West. For a more personal experience, visit the Cartersville Farmers Market to mingle with the locals and sample the flavors and businesses that keep the town alive. For gearheads, the Savoy Automobile Museum will feel like entering a candy store with its collection of classic cars and motorcycles throughout history.


The Courthouse in Covington, Georgia, US.
The Courthouse in Covington, Georgia. Image credit Georges_Creations via

Pop culture aficionados will probably be somewhat familiar with Covington, as it is the location where The Dukes of Hazzard and In the Heat of the Night were filmed. Given how popular the town is with television and film companies, it also makes sense that Covington’s nickname is The Hollywood of the South. The town boasts a collection of charming buildings that feature a vast array of antiquated architectural designs, such as the Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast. This 1836 property is now a popular lodging space showcasing beautiful antebellum design.

Movie buffs and paranormal enthusiasts can also visit several filming locations and participate in ghost tours with companies such as Take Your Time Tour. You might also want to time your visit during two specific annual celebrations to fully appreciate what Covington has to offer, namely the town’s Stars and Stripes Fest (July 4) and Christmas season, as the town is known for being quite festive during this time of the year.


The beautiful town of Helen, Georgia.
The beautiful town of Helen, Georgia.

At a glance, visitors will immediately know that they are in for a treat once they see the aesthetics and architecture of Helen. The European-style architecture of the buildings in downtown Helen, makes this town quite the eye candy with its assortment of bright colors that flood the buildings and streets, especially during Oktoberfest and Christmas. The cobbled streets further give the town the look of a classic small European village, and if that was not enough to sell you on the idea, you should definitely go cool tubing down over at the Chattahoochee River.

Nature lovers will also enjoy hiking to Anna Ruby Falls, a magnificent double waterfall that offers respite to weary travelers. The town also sports several exciting activities for thrill-seekers, such as zipline adventures. Several companies offer zipline courses, such as Unicoi Zipline & Aerial Adventure Park and Nacoochee Adventures.

Numerous towns in Georgia will appeal to various travelers. These ten towns offer visitors a highly contrasting ambiance from your typical American town with the beautiful architecture of their buildings. From Thomasville’s splendid Victorian-era mansions to Helen’s European fairy tale-inspired houses, you can bet that these towns will offer you a glimpse and the chance to touch their history with each cobblestone and brick.

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