View of the Western town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, United States. Editorial credit: EQRoy /

The Best Small Towns in Wyoming to Chill Out In 2024

Wyoming, the "Cowboy State," sprawling over more than 100 mountain ranges, is the 50th most populous state in the US. The Equality State is home to a small town in Jackson Hole, where the first all-female city council in the US was elected in 1920, and more trailblazing fame as home to the state's first skiing area from 1930—one of the first in the country. Digging deeper into Native American heritage, visitors can hunt around notable landmarks. Learn more about the best small towns in Wyoming to chill out in 2024.


The Occidental Hotel Lodging and Dining along the city. Editorial credit: Cheri Alguire /
The Occidental Hotel Lodging and Dining along the city. Editorial credit: Cheri Alguire /

Right next to the Johnson County Airport, it's easy to access the best western-style chills along the roaming grounds of the "Wild Bunch." The historic district features over a dozen buildings, including the Occidental Hotel, where both Teddy Roosevelt and Butch Cassidy stayed. It was also famously mentioned in The Virginian by Owen Wister, while today, visitors can enjoy a drink at the Occidental Saloon. Home to Hole in the Wall, where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hid from the law, and dive into the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum for life bits on the early 1900 pharmacist in the state, housed in a 1909 Carnegie Library building.

The Longmire Days, from July 18 to 21, 2024, offer a chance to experience the action of the Longmire book and TV series on a weekend getaway to rub elbows with the actual actors from the show in attendance. Home to around 4,500 residents, this is your authentic Old West town in the Bighorn Mountains, with a trail for every level, as well as snowmobiling and skiing in the winter. From Buffalo Golf Club and the Healing Massage Clinic, visitors can shop for gifts, memorabilia, and unique home decor pieces at the Treasure Chest Antiques and Collectibles or Silver Sage Jewellery and Gifts.


Devils Tower National Monument, in Wyoming, USA.
Devils Tower National Monument, in Wyoming, US.

Hulett bursts with cowboy culture and historic landmarks along the rolling countryside of northwest Wyoming that lend this quaint town an authentic feel. Abounding in outdoor recreation opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife, you will fit right into the local lifestyle by savoring some of the best burgers in the state at Ponderosa Cafe after an indulging outdoor adventure in the surrounding hills. Visitors can enjoy hikes along the winding Red Beds and Joyner Ridge Trails through the rugged beauty of the colorful canyons. The stunning formations keep the intrigue going to find the next scenic spot to relax and observe the quiet nature.

Nestled along the Belle Fourche River, Hulett is the gateway to the Badlands in Wyoming and just 12 minutes from Devil's Tower. Rising to 1,267 feet above the river, this strange monolith attracts worldwide travelers for a real deal, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," the sci-fi movie this was featured in. A sacred site for Native Americans for centuries—and an out-of-this-world attraction today—is a challenging destination for rock climbers and a spectacular backdrop for a photoshoot against the natural area. Don't miss a glimpse into everyday lives from the past at the Historic Hulett Museum, with its wide range of exhibits, old photographs, pioneer tools, and Native American artifacts.


Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.
Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Just 15 miles from the Idaho border, Jackson is a real stud in the northwest corner of Wyoming, in the infamous Jackson Hole. Christened as the legacy of the fur trappers and explorers through this valley in the shadow of the Tetons, the actual town site was David E. Jackson's favorite trapping ground. From hiking to biking, horseback riding, and zorbing, Jackson is a revered adventure destination. Grand Teton National Park is 12 miles north and just 80 miles from Yellowstone National Park. Established in 1829, the small town of 10,617 today is perched at 6,237 feet above sea level, with the highest peak, Grand Teton, nine minutes away, at an astounding 13,770 feet. The Snake River flows south at 5,800 feet, the lowest point. Flaunting trailblazing heritage like no other, the first all-female city council in the US was elected here in 1920.

Snow King Resort, aka "Town Hill," is the state's first skiing area from 1930 and one of the first in the country. With two more ski resorts popping up later, there is also an elk refuge and Teton Village, 12 miles southwest, while the western downtown features saloons and the famous Antler Arch. Once cowboy and cosmopolitan, the Town Square features 19th-century log cabins jostling with contemporary Western architecture along the boardwalk for strolls. Bursting with personality over its 2.9-square-mile area, from runway fashion boutiques to shops for quality western styles and lariats, the restaurants boast creativity that rivals most metropolises, plating real culinary adventures and using choice local meats. The local art galleries flaunt historic scenes of Mountain Men, abstractions by blue-chip masters, and everything in between.


Powell, Wyoming, USA.
Powell, Wyoming, US.

Powell Valley is a wonderfully refreshing place to live and embark on adventures under clear blue skies with lots of sunshine and clean mountain air in ample supply. The small town in the northwest corner of the state boasts quick access to Yellowstone National Park, just 75 miles east of and 98 miles south of Billings metropolis. Nestled in between the Big Horn Mountains on the east and the Absaroka Range on the west, the temperate climate makes you want to explore the outdoors all day. Visitors can enjoy the nearby scenic golf course, stop by the reputable Heart Mountain Interpretive Center, or stroll along the Shoshone River and unwind at the WYOld West Brewing Company.

Powell, an All America City since 1994, flaunts an authentic, small mountain town atmosphere. Blending old-fashioned values with modern shopping and fine dining, the "can-do spirit" of the friendly locals is so different from the city folk's own strong work ethic. With an agricultural- and ranching-based economy as a way of life, the Homesteader Museum offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse. Yellowstone offers a remarkable range of outdoor activities, from mountain biking to horseback riding, fishing, and hiking, while the scenic Bighorn Basin is encircled by neatly aligned mountains. The waterfront Buffalo Bill State Park is just 44 minutes away, with campgrounds, trails, and picnic areas.


Sundance, Wyoming. Editorial credit: Logan Bush /
Sundance, Wyoming. Editorial credit: Logan Bush /

Tucked among the valley of the Bearlodge Mountains in northeastern Wyoming, Sundance is full of epic ways to chill near the South Dakota border. The "Port of Entry" landmark reflects the gateway to many wonders, like easy access to the Devil's Tower, 30 minutes northwest. The avid hikers can enjoy a two-day trek along the creek to chill out afterward by this famous monolith, nine hours one way. Right in town, the Black Hills Forest is perfect for hiking and scenic drives, with something new around every corner. Mountain View Campgrounds is the cherry on top of the cake with its pool and views.

From Native American history to Sundance White Ranch Park, Sundance offers unforgettable experiences. Do not miss the notable Crook County Museum & 1875 Art Gallery. Visitors can discover the intriguing Vore Buffalo Jump, a significant archaeological site of the Plains Native Americans, while the anglers enjoy the long-time-fished Keyhole Reservoir and Sand Creek or relax along its banks. From hiking to horseback riding and ATV adventures, the thrilling outdoors call for a drink to chill out in Western style, and Longhorn Saloon & Grill will not disappoint.

Ten Sleep

Ten Sleep Saloon Steakhouse. Editorial credit: magraphy /
Ten Sleep Saloon Steakhouse. Editorial credit: magraphy /

This small town in the Bighorn Mountains attracts climbers from all over the country. Tucked away minutes from the eponymous canyon, which was named after the length of time it took the Native Americans to travel from here to other camps in the area, visitors can enjoy easy access to epic views and adventures. Ten Sleep caters to a variety of dining styles and entertainment options to unwind after, like the Sleepy Coyote Cafe, a popular start to the day. Celebrate endeavors over cold suds at the Ten Sleep Brewing Company on the edge of town, and do not miss Dirty Sally’s on a hot summer day for ice cream, a sandwich to go, or local produce and meats for your picnic basket in nature.

For all the sensory overload of the Bighorns without the strain, visitors can enjoy easy hikes, fishing, or boating in the streams through the mountains and Bighorn National Forest or set up camp for an outdoor-centric escape. Remaining much the same as one hundred years ago, Norwood Valley is dotted with welcoming ranches owned by generations since the 1880s. Two days after the traditional 4th of July Parade and a rodeo, Ten Sleep hosts the unique Out of the Darkness and Into the Bighorns, a mountain therapy session. From the Vista Park splash pad to authentic Western history and attractions, the canyon exudes a powerful vibe through town, where adventurers mingle with cowboys.


Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming, USA.
Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming, US.

Surrounded by mountain ranges with the Big Horn River running through its heart, this small, northwestern town in the state flaunts a remote yet geographically rewarding location. Located in the Big Horn Basin, with thermal underground activity, Thermopolis boasts one of the world's largest mineral hot springs. Averaging over 200 days of sunshine a year and abounding in outdoor pursuits, it is literally a hot destination to chill out, make memories, and truly unwind in your style. As the dinosaur capital, archeology fans and families can browse intriguing fossils at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and even join a live dig!

Home to the Big Spring, Hot Springs State Park features the unique TeePee monument that grew over the 20th century and the serene Koi Pond to relax in nature. Hellie's TePee Pools and Spa offers treatments and pampering, while the Star Plunge promises a relaxing, fun time soaking in varying temperatures, enriched with 27 different minerals, a swimmable indoor pool, an outdoor pool, hot tubs, jacuzzis, a vapor cave, and waterslides. Monument Hill follows the creek at the park, while Top Mountain Trailhead is just west. Do not miss the thrills over scenic views across the swinging bridge spanning the Bighorn River.

Wyoming inspires an idyllic getaway to chill away from the crowds. Towns such as Jackson and Powell are located near stunning mountain views and parks such as Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone National Park. From historic trails, gorges, and refreshing river valleys, each town offers a compelling mix of history, drama, and the charm of the state that invigorates you with American wilderness splendor.

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