Landscape of the urban area of Orem, Utah.

Orem, Utah

Orem is a big city situated in Utah County in the north-central portion of the US State of Utah. Orem is the country's 348th largest and the state's fifth largest city. Being one of the chief cities of the Provo-Orem Metropolitan Statistical Area, Orem has a family-friendly reputation, with the nickname "Family City USA." The city also houses the Utah Valley University and is well-known for the annual Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. 

Geography And Climate Of Orem

Homes with Utah Lake and mountain in Orem, Utah
Homes with Utah Lake and mountain in Orem, Utah.

Orem covers a total area of 48.10 sq. km, all of which is occupied by land. Orem is placed in a highly desertified area and stands at an average elevation of 1455 meters. The city is situated about 72 km from Salt Lake City and 41km from Sandy. Orem is located close to Utah Lake's eastern shore and is bordered by Mount Timpanogos to the east, the cities of Vineyard to the west, Lindon to the north, and Provo to the east and south. As per the Koppen Climate Classification, the city of Orem experiences a humid continental climate, with cold, rainy winters and hot summers.

History Of Orem

Orem City Center in Orem, Utah
Orem City Center in Orem, Utah. Image Credit: Ntsimp, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Orem was once known as the "Provo Bench" before its incorporation as a city in 1919. The town suffered water issues and had to build its own water system because of its isolation from natural waterways. The town was eventually named after Walter Orem, the railroad owner between Salt Lake City and Provo. Unlike many Utah towns of its day, the early days of Orem in the late 1800s and early 1900s were defined by a mix of farmland and urban sprawl.

The LDS Church often advised people to live in cities and work in their farms outside of them, but Orem developed differently due to countryside farmland already being used when the city was founded. Orem became known in the 1940s for the steel industry, mainly through the utilization of Geneva Steel Works, which employed much of the city. Orem developed post-WWII to accommodate the service industry, with shopping centers taking center stage. The Orem of the 21st century excels in the field of technology.

The Population Of Orem

LDS Church in Orem, Utah
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Orem, Utah. Image Credit: Jonathan Schilling, via Wikimedia Commons

As per the latest US Census, Orem has a population of 98,129 residents. About 88.12% of the city's population is white, 3.59% are mixed-race, 1.08% are blacks, and 2.17% are Asians. Approximately 17% of the population also consider themselves Latino. The overwhelming majority of Orem's religious people identify with the Mormon Church, at 95.7%. Catholicism sits at a distant second, with only 1.4% of the population. The only non-Christians on record are the 0.03% adherents of eastern faiths.

Attractions In Orem

Sign for Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah
Sign for Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. Editorial credit: Daniel K. Driskill /

One can enjoy performances of all kinds at Orem's Hale Center Theater. Some of the ideal locations to bring a family include Mt.Timpanogos Park and the All Together Playground. Visitors can have fun at the Red Giant Escape Rooms as well. Sports enthusiasts can watch the Utah Valley Wolverines play at the UCCU Center, which seats 8,500 people. The baseball team plays at the UCCU Ballpark, which seats 5,000 people.

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