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Madeira Beach, Florida

Madeira Beach is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, in the United States of America. It sits on the eastern coast of Florida on a peninsula landform, which hugs Tampa Bay. The Gulf of Mexico borders Madeira Beach to the west and St. Petersburg to the east. The city has a population of just under 4,000 people and is a mainly residential area. It is named after a Portuguese island of the same name, Madeira. 

The city's total area is around 8.5 square kilometers, though 5.7 km2 of this is water. A bridge, known as the Tom Stuart Causeway, connects Madeira Beach to mainland Florida at Bay Pines. Its neighboring cities are Redington Beach to the northwest and Treasure Island across John's Pass to the southeast. 

Visitor Attractions In Madeira Beach

Madeira Beach
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Madeira Beach is best known for the beach itself, which runs for four kilometers along the island's coast, and the extensive boardwalk is approximately 335 meters long. The boardwalk area and John's Pass Village are popular tourist attractions for visitors to the city. John's Pass is specifically sea-themed, and there are many shops, restaurants, cafes, and the like along the coastway. 

The most popular activity is beach lounging and swimming, as the sand and water here are warm and inviting. Fishing and other boating activities, though, are also common. Madeira Beach hosts the Seafood Festival in John's Pass, and this event alone brings in roughly 130,000 guests. 

Festivals are common in the city, including those that celebrate fish and music, arts and crafts, and cultural events.

Madeira Beach
A beach in Madeira Beach. Editorial credit: caleb kurtz /

The Church by the Sea was built between 1944 and 1946 and has a tourist attraction due to its appearance. It has been nicknamed the "Chicken Church" as it resembles the shape of a chicken.Also in the area is the R.O.C. Park (short for Remember Our Children). This is a public park created in honor of young lives lost. It features three sports fields and a pier where the King of the Beach Fishing Tournament and Spring Break Rotary Carnival are hosted.Additionally, there are several excellent places to eat and drink in Madeira Beach, from Mad Beach Craft Brewery, to Slyce, to the Florida Winery, Friendly fisherman, and Mad Fish Beach House. 

Wildlife In Madeira Beach

Madeira beach
Two pelicans standing on the pole near Madeira Beach, Florida.

Another main attraction in the area is the Alligator Attraction and Wildlife Learning Center, a sanctuary for local wildlife species founded in 2011. Some 180 animals such as lizards, pigs, skunks, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes and fish can be found here, including 60 live American alligators. The center aims to educate visitors about the ecosystems and animals in the area while giving them a hands-on experience with some of the animals. There are several rare species in the center, including albino alligators and tortoises. The wildlife center is one of the most saturated areas, in terms of wildlife, but there are also various species living in the wild. Dolphins are abundant off the coast, while large numbers of waterfowl and migratory birds can be found on beaches and marshy areas. Additionally, there is a variety of fish species, and the Island brings in the largest amount of grouper fish by anglers of anywhere in the state.

An excellent place to visit for travelers from mainland Florida or abroad, this beach city has a variety of day activities for adults and families alike. Whether it's floating in the sea, lounging on a beach, fishing and taking in wildlife, or simply enjoying the local cuisine, Madeira Beach is a great option for a trip or short stay.

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