Cold Spring, New York

Cold Spring, New York

Cold Spring is a small village situated in Philipstown in the western portion of Putnam County in the US State of New York. Cold Spring is one of the historical villages that is located along the Hudson River. The geographical terrain that the village enjoys has enabled it to become a cosmopolitan region since the 1730s. Cold Spring has now become a place that offers a beautiful landscape and history manifested in antique and boutique shops that litter the town. Cold Spring is known for its picturesque features, making it one of the most charming villages in the valley and a perfect getaway from big city life. 

Geography And Climate Of Cold Spring

Cold Spring Pier Gazebo, Cold Spring, New York
Horizontal sunset view of Cold Spring Pier Gazebo overlooking the frozen Hudson River in Cold Spring, New York. Editorial credit: Brian Logan Photography /

The small village of Cold Spring covers a total area of 1.55 sq. km, of which 0.01 sq. km is covered by water, and 1.54 sq. km is occupied by land. Cold Spring is bounded by the Hudson River in the west and the Hudson Highlands State Park in the north. It is also bordered by the village of Nelsonville and the hamlet Garrison. Cold Spring is situated approximately 49 miles from each of the major cities, such as New York City, New York, and the cities of Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey. The village is located at the deepest point of the Hudson River and in the Hudson Highlands region. This makes Cold Spring easily accessible from major highways as well as the Hudson metro lane.  

As per the Koppen Classification, the climate in Cold Spring is hot-summer humid continental. The summers are warm and wet, while the winters are freezing and snowy. Like most of the state, the hottest month is July, with an average temperature of 72.6°F. To live up to its name, the coldest month in Cold Spring is January, with an average temperature of 13.4°F. January also scores the highest humidity at 76%. Conversely, April is the least humid at 63%. Cold Spring experiences 32.6 inches of precipitation per year. The variation between the wettest and driest month is 4 inches, with an average of 4.9 inches in June and 0.9 inches in January. As for daily sunshine, July enjoys the longest sunshine hours averaging 11.23 hours per day. 

Brief History Of Cold Spring

A historic Episcopal Church in Cold Spring, New York
Horizontal view of the historic Episcopal Church of St. Mary-in-the-Highlands in Cold Spring, New York. Editorial credit: Brian Logan Photography /

Before the settlers stepped into the area, as early as the 1600s, Native Americans had utilized the site as a significant watercourse. It remained a method of transportation until the 19th century. The first settler of Cold Spring, Thomas Davenport, arrived in 1730. It first grew as a hamlet due to trade activities in the 1800s. The hamlet enjoyed an advantage with easy access to lumber and iron ore. This allowed Gouverner Kemble and others to establish the West Point Foundry in 1818, and Cold Spring rapidly became an industrial base for the next 150 years. The Foundry even provided ammunitions for the Union Army during the Civil War. This attracted residents to the hamlet leading to its incorporation as a village in 1846. The town witnessed a decline with the closing of the Foundry in 1911. However, it flourished again post World War II with the rise in investments and business initiatives. In 1973, the village was declared a Federal Historic District, further promoting it as a tourist destination. 

The Population And Economy Of Cold Spring 

People walk along the main shopping district of Cold Spring, New York
People walk along the main shopping district of Cold Spring, New York. Editorial credit: James Kirkikis /

According to the latest US Census, Cold Spring has a population of 1,775 people. It has witnessed a 4.67% decrease since 2018. On the other hand, the median age increased to 47.1 in 2019. The population is racially distributed into five major ethnic groups where 91.4% are White (non-Hispanic), 4.11% White (Hispanic), 1.8% Asian (non-Hispanic), 0.96% American Indian and Alaska Native (non-Hispanic), and 0.73% with more than one races (non-Hispanic). While 8.39% are foreign-born, 96.7% of Cold Spring residents are US citizens. 

The median household income is $98,056, which is more than the median annual income across the US at $65,712. The economy is Cold Spring employs 881 people, and the largest industry is Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services followed by Educational services. As for the highest paying industries, employees in Finance & Insurance are paid the highest, followed by Public Administration employees. However, 8.39% of the population struggle with poverty. 

Attractions In Cold Spring

Hudson Highlands State Park 

Ruins of the Old Cornish Estate at Hudson Highlands State Park in Cold Spring, New York
Ruins of the Old Cornish Estate at Hudson Highlands State Park in Cold Spring, New York. 

With more than 8,000 acres of untouched land, the park offers endless hiking and walking trails that promise breathtaking sights. The scenery includes ruins, untouched nature, and river views. Many outdoor activities include fishing, birding, boating, and hiking. 

Bannerman Island 

Ruins and landscaping at Bannerman Castle in Cold Spring, New York
Ruins and landscaping at Bannerman Castle in Cold Spring, New York. 

The ultimate combination of the best two things in Cold Spring: nature and history. The experience begins with a boat ride along the Hudson to reach the tiny jewel less familiarly known as Pollepel. Make sure to listen to all the stories, some of which are haunting! 

Magazzino Italian Art Museum

Especially considering that Cold Spring became an attraction for artists, writers, and prominent families in the second half of the 19th century, it maintains an artistic character. The museum is devoted to postwar and contemporary Italian art not only to show and support Italian artists but also to spark a discussion about this art within the American community. 

Cold Spring is a beautiful village nestled in the scenic Hudson highlands. Catering to different heart desires, from the love of nature to art to history and, of course, to a food lover’s appetite, it constitutes a perfect destination for both local and outside tourism.  

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