The historic courthouse is in the downtown area of Charles Town, West Virginia. Editorial credit: George Sheldon /

8 Senior-Friendly Towns in West Virginia

With its natural beauty, vibrant cultural scene, low crime rate, and friendly tax policies, West Virginia is one of the most pro-retiree states in the country. Nestled within the Appalachian Mountains, the Mountain State offers scenic wilderness views and cozy small towns tailored for senior comfort. From its bustling college towns to historic mineral springs resorts, West Virginia harbors diverse communities where older residents can find supportive services, safety, convenience, and fulfilling lifestyles amidst charming landscapes.

The following destinations allow retirees to plant roots as they begin a new chapter in life. These accessible havens take advantage of the state's dramatic beauty and relaxed way of life to offer some of the best towns in West Virginia for retirees.


Bridgeport, West Virginia.
Bridgeport, West Virginia. Image credit: Andre Carrotflower via Wikimedia Commons.

This historic hamlet in eastern Harrison County welcomed its first settlers in the 1700s, before the Revolutionary War. Over the years, it has become a quaint retirement community that maintains its rustic charm balanced with a contemporary flair. Incoming retirees will have a fantastic chance to familiarize themselves with their new community at the weekly Bridgeport Farmers' Market. With its warm atmosphere and friendly vendors, this is a great opportunity to socialize and make new friends while shopping for farm-fresh produce. Recreational opportunities abound, with the Bridgeport Sports Complex encouraging seniors to stay active by offering various sports and exercise facilities.

Meanwhile, the Pete Dye Golf Club provides a tranquil atmosphere for low-key golfing sessions with peers. Pensioners who crave meaningful social interactions and a sense of purpose in their golden years can join a wonderful community at the Bridgeport Country Club. Finally, buying a home in Bridgeport will cost retirees an average of $307,000.


Downtown Buckhannon, West Virginia.
Downtown Buckhannon, West Virginia. Image credit Roberto Galan via

A mix of low-cost living, entertaining outdoor adventures, and a strong sense of community makes Buckhannon an enticing choice for anyone looking to spend their sunset years in small-town West Virginia. Buckhannon's median housing price is well below the United States average at $230,000, which is welcome news to potential homeowners. The town hosts West Virginia Wesleyan College, where pensioners who dream of returning to school can find affordable adult learning programs.

Audra State Park is the ultimate playground for outdoorsy seniors, offering 355 acres of pure wilderness with multiple recreation activities. From hiking and kayaking to camping, retirees can look forward to an active lifestyle in Buckhannon. Lastly, Lascaux Micro-Theater is an excellent venue for when the grandkids visit, and pensioners want to spend quality time with them.


Abandoned Willard Hotel building which is part of the B and O railway station in Grafton, West Virginia
Abandoned Willard Hotel building which is part of the B and O railway station in Grafton, West Virginia, via Steve Heap /

Situated along the laid-back banks of the Tygart Valley River, Grafton's charm lies in its aquatic adventures. The town is filled with beautiful outdoor spaces, allowing retirees to indulge in various fulfilling recreations. A highlight of this town is Tygart Lake Marina, where residents can charter boats to enjoy an easygoing cruise on the calm waters of Tygart Lake. Bordering the beautiful lake is Tygart Lake State Park, which covers 391 acres and offers more than 30 campsites for retirees looking for a complete outdoor experience.

Downtown Grafton hosts several eateries, making it easy for seniors when choosing to eat out. Biggie's Restaurant is among the top spots, known for serving delicious American fare in a friendly setting. The town also has the Taylor County Senior Citizens Center to care for its elderly population. If you want to own a home in the town, you can budget around $147,000, the median housing cost.


Market Street Bridge, over the Ohio River between Weirton, West Virginia, and Steubenville, Ohio.
Market Street Bridge, over the Ohio River between Weirton, West Virginia, and Steubenville, Ohio.

Located on the scenic banks of the Ohio River, Weirton made its mark as a major player in the regional steel industry. Its unique heritage is well-preserved at the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center. New residents have the opportunity to examine diverse artifacts and archives to understand local history and culture. The town provides multiple social venues, encouraging folks to gather in a family atmosphere and embrace harmonious living. Weirton Events Center is an excellent example, known for captivating audiences with concerts, theatrical acts, and other live performances for all ages.

Quality time with loved ones can be spent swimming and interacting at Starvaggi Memorial Pool, where you can get full-body exercise while having fun. Weirton is one of the most affordable towns in West Virginia, and retirees will have little trouble paying around $165,000 to acquire a decent house there.

Charles Town

Downtown Charles Town, West Virginia.
Downtown Charles Town, West Virginia.

This historic town in Jefferson County was interestingly named after President George Washington's youngest brother. With a unique legacy dating back to 1786, when it was founded, Charles Town hosts a cluster of charming historical treasures. Touring the Jefferson County Museum provides insight into the town's rich heritage through fascinating archives and memorabilia. Furthermore, the Old Opera House Theater Company & Arts Center delights residents with its rustic interior and the various entertaining live performances it frequently holds.

Retirees seeking outdoor recreation can explore the isolated grounds of Cool Spring Nature Preserve. Spanning 63 acres of marsh, forest, and meadow habitat, the park is ideal for scenic strolls and quiet moments of meditation amidst rich nature. Homes in Charles Town have an average listing price of around $410,000.

Point Pleasant

Sternwheeler Queen of the Mississippi docked on the Ohio River in Point Pleasant.
Sternwheeler Queen of the Mississippi docked on the Ohio River in Point Pleasant. Image credit Jack R Perry Photography via Shutterstock

Point Pleasant is a relaxed rural community at the confluence of the Kanawha and Ohio Rivers. The town is popularly known for the "Mothman," a local humanoid legend that the community honors through various dedicated attractions. Visiting the Mothman Museum provides seniors with a detailed look into an intimate aspect of local culture, offering a quirky experience. Several historical treasures in the town promise retirees a nostalgic pursuit that brings the past to the present. For instance, the West Virginia State Farm Museum houses a series of restored antique structures and relics from World War II.

For enjoyment in the great outdoors, Tu-Endie-Wei State Park invites pensioners to revel in a peaceful outdoor space and soak in the tremendous vistas of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers. Rivers Health is always on hand to provide reliable health services in case of any medical complications. Meanwhile, investing in a house in Point Pleasant costs around $230,000.


View of German Street in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.
View of German Street in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Editorial credit: Alizada Studios /

Steeped in rich historical heritage, Shepherdstown is a relaxed community along the Potomac River. The town is synonymous with the invention of the steamboat and honors the pioneer of this significant milestone with the James Rumsey Monument. Meanwhile, the Historic Shepherdstown Commission & Museum records the town's storied history, dating back to the Civil War period, through interesting artifacts, relics, and fascinating memorabilia. Residents often converge at the Shepherdstown Opera House for an enjoyable art experience in a friendly venue.

This provides an inviting opportunity for newcomers to make new friends through meaningful interactions. Although real estate prices are steep in Shepherdstown, with an average of $570,000, those who can afford it enjoy living in one of the safest communities in West Virginia.


Downtown Weston, West Virginia.
Downtown Weston, West Virginia.

Weston offers a convenient balance of indoor and outdoor attractions, providing upcoming retirees with exciting activities to enjoy during their free time. This tiny Lewis County community hosts multiple museums depicting different aspects of its heritage, making them ideal indoor pursuits. War enthusiasts can visit the Mountaineer Military Museum to browse a diverse collection of military exhibits honoring brave veterans. Meanwhile, the Museum of American Glass celebrates the nation's glass-making heritage by exhibiting thousands of intricate glass products from different parts of the country.

Outdoorsy seniors can spend their time enjoying themselves with family and other community members at Lewis County Park. Rich in amenities, from fountains and slides to a world-class swimming pool, the park sets the stage for wholesome entertainment for all ages. Finally, pensioners will not think twice about buying a house in Weston, as the average cost of homes is only $98,000.

Winding Up

Finding the right destination to spend your golden years is the start of great things to come. Fortunately, the mentioned small towns in West Virginia present ideal locales for active seniors seeking scenic backdrops and supportive communities. Each notably offers access to communal activities fostering engagement, safe and walkable downtowns, affordable living opportunities, and proximity to stunning parks for recreation amid natural splendors. Whether one prefers cultural stimulation or solitude in serene wilderness settings, these top locales establish potentially transformative living environments.

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