Farmers State Bank building in Lindsborg, Kansas. Image credit Stephanie L Bishop via

7 Towns in Kansas That Are Ideal for Seniors

Kansas, translated as "People of the South Wind," allows seniors to retreat to a serene and slow-paced existence. This state provides rolling hills, venerable downtown districts, and history-filled locations, making Kansas a must-visit. Whether looking for a splendid cultural exhibition at the McPherson Opera House, wishing to explore the remains of WWII at the POW Camp Concordia, or simply wanting to experience the Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie Park natural beauty near Wamego, Kansas will shape your trip to be abundant of charisma and freedom. So, do not extend the wait; jump in your boots and live life to the fullest in the Sunflower State in these small towns.


Marysville, Kansas: Stagecoach at the Pony Express Museum. Editorial credit: WanderinNomadPhotography /
Marysville, Kansas: Stagecoach at the Pony Express Museum. Image credit WanderinNomadPhotography via

Marysville is a beautiful and prosperous town near the Big Blue River in northern Kansas. The pristine surroundings provide seniors with many outdoor opportunities, such as fishing, hunting, and hiking. The Pony Express Barn & Museum grants breathtaking scenery and a hint of the mail service that provided the United States with newspapers, mail, and messages. Those passionate about history can experience a guided tour of the historic Koester House Museum & Gardens.

The Marysville Country Club is ideal for seniors seeking a relaxing golf match on the well-maintained course. Just 6 miles south of Marysville, the Alcove Spring Historic Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It grants a spectacular view of the Blue River Valley with its native grasses, wildflowers, trees, birds, and other animal life.


The childhood home of President Eisenhower.
The childhood home of President Eisenhower.

The small town of Abilene enjoys the warm climate of Kansas's heartland. Seniors can embark on an adventure of discovery at the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum, where the exhibit hall showcases the former president's tenure and marks his life achievements. The Rodeo at The Wild Bill Hickok Rodeo is a classic entertainment show that fascinates guests and locals. The Brown Memorial Park Disc Golf Course provides an 18-hole disc golf course, allowing seniors and enthusiasts alike to explore the wonderful Brown Memorial Park and breathe some fresh air.


Rosberg House (bed and breakfast). 103 E State St, Lindsborg, Kansas
Rosberg House (bed and breakfast), Lindsborg, Kansas. Image credit Anry skyhead, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Lindsborg is a small but welcoming town with unusual cultural roots. Also known as "Little Sweden USA," Lindsborg holds abundant Swedish, German, and other Nordic heritages. Moreover, the biennial Svensk Hyllningsfest festival honors the Swedish ancestry that settled in the Smoky Valley. Artsy seniors can indulge in a visit to the Small World Gallery. This incredible art gallery is on Main Street, and it is replete with photos shot by Jim and Kathy Richardson (who are the owners) for National Geographic Magazine and other publications.

A visit to Coronado Heights is a must for a romantic date or a relaxing picnic. This spot presents a chance to take in the beautiful cityscape from the hill's summit or take shelter and explore inside the small castle amidst lush greenery.

Baldwin City

Street view in Baldwin City
Street view in Baldwin City, Kansas.

Baldwin City provides seniors with a harmonious blend of modern attractions and the charm of a historic small town. Seniors who decide to rest at The Lodge of Baldwin City can take advantage of The Lodge Mini Golf. Additionally, Baldwin City features several proper-size golf courses near several state parks, including Clinton Lake State Park and Perry Lake State Park. The Historic Black Jack Battlefield attracts history aficionados with its status as the place where the first recorded skirmish between pro- and anti-slavery forces occurred before the Civil War. Furthermore, the town boasts several museums, including the Midland Railway Historical Association, which showcases the historic railroad transportation system of the Midwestern region.


Looking down Main street in Concordia, Kansas
Main Street in Concordia, Kansas.

Concordia is a wonderful respite for many travelers seeking a peaceful tourist destination. Officially named "The Orphan Train Town," the town embraces the historic movement of the Orphan Trains that once traveled across the country. Curious seniors looking to explore the remains of WWII can pay a visit to the POW Camp Concordia. The camp features a limestone guard tower (built by the German POWs), and you can explore the camp with guided tours from May to October.

For a suggestive night of entertainment, seniors can take a seat in The Brown Grand Theater, where the cozy atmosphere and extremely knowledgeable staff will accompany the show in this historic theater financed by banker Colonel Napoleon Bonaparte Brown in 1907.


Pond and statue in Wamego, Kansas.
Pond and statue in Wamego, Kansas.

The town of Wamego boasts a tranquil and slow-paced way of life. This rural town's historical downtown features well-preserved bricked buildings, vintage shops, and a refurbished vaudeville-era theater. The Columbian Theatre hosts various live performances and events unique to this area and attracts cultured individuals from around the state and beyond. Those with a more adventurous soul can find solace and bliss amidst the bounty of natural beauty that the easy trails inside the nearby Mount Mitchell Heritage Prairie Park can gift.

While staying within town, nature will not be missed, thanks to the gorgeous Wamego City Park. This park features the Old Dutch Mill, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Wamego Historical Museum, and plenty of picnic opportunities or places to relax and unwind.


Facade of the McPherson Opera House, Kansas.
McPherson Opera House, Kansas. Image credit Rexjaymes via Shutterstock

When visiting McPherson, there is never a shortage of attractions to fill your schedule. After shopping along the walkable McPherson Main Street, visit Lakeside Park. This delightful park in the center of town by Turkey Creek is a natural place to gather for outdoor events like movie-watching on Fridays or simple relaxation while hitting a tee on the disc golf course. Years in the making, the Meadowlark Trail takes you through gentle hills and creek valleys for the 12.6 miles linking McPherson to Lindsborg. Seniors can also witness a proper old-school performance at the McPherson Opera House, a thriving performing arts venue from 1889.

Investigating the finest Kansas small towns that cater to seniors has never been so proficuous. These small towns provide an excellent combination of historic culture, scenic beauty, and memorable outdoor adventures. From the Historic Black Jack Battlefield in Baldwin City, where the first people fought for civil rights before the Civil War, to the gorgeous Wamego City Park and its overflowing natural beauty, or the family-ran Small World Gallery in Lindsborg, showcasing pictures from all around the world, opting to visit these seven towns may serve as an extraordinary means to relish in the charisma of the Midwest and explore the sweeping natural scenery Kansas provides.

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