Downtown Glen Rock, New Jersey. Image credit BappleBusiness, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

7 Top-Ranked Towns in New Jersey for Retirees

New Jersey, a scenic state in the Mid-Atlantic United States, is a haven for tourism. Home to plenty of beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and various coastal entertainment, there is lots to explore. Along with its popularity with tourists, New Jersey is also an ideal location for retirees. Some of the state’s small towns boast an array of benefits, from excellent public transportation to ample recreational activities that are perfect for retirement. Moreover, they are astray from urban hustle and bustle, providing seniors with a relaxing environment to enjoy their golden years.


Fanwood Station, New Jersey Transit, Raritan Valley Line.
Fanwood Station, New Jersey Transit, Raritan Valley Line. Image credit Jesper Rautell Balle, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fanwood is a lovely borough of 7,750 located a short drive from New York City. To this end, retirees who want to escape urban living while still remaining connected prefer this destination. Most of the town is residential, creating a tight-knit community where simple activities thrive. People here tend to spend their free time in parks such as Forest Road Park and Fanwood Nature Center. They are perfect for a relaxing day out with tons of walking trails, flora, fauna, and picnic areas. In addition to the outdoors, Fanwood has tons of history, as evidenced by the extensive Fanwood Park Historic District. Here, seniors can spend their time strolling through, touring, and appreciating over 50 rustic buildings, like the 1839 Fanwood Station.

Thanks to its location near New York City, Fanwood has no shortage of world-class amenities and services. The nearby Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center is within a 10-minute drive, offering excellent healthcare facilities and friendly staff. Similarly, the town is well connected, with railway, bus, road, and air connectivity, making travel accessible for people of all ages. The only drawback of the location is that Fanwood is quite expensive, and the average house costs $588,000, which is $187,000 more than the state average. Thankfully, retirement facilities like The Chelsea offer affordable independent and assisted living options.


Downtown Bridgeton, New Jersey
Downtown Bridgeton, New Jersey

Bridgeton is a town in Cumberland County that combines an urban environment with natural scenery. Each paved street in town leads to a river, park, or outdoor area, perfect for a range of exciting activities. Thus, retirees get to choose how they want to spend their day. For example, foodies in town flock to spots like Century Bakery for its delicious bread or the Marlboro Farm Market with its fresh produce. Meanwhile, those who want to stay fit in their senior years head to outdoor areas instead, like Cohanzick Zoo and Piney Point Picnic Area. The former is New Jersey’s oldest zoo, boasting over 100 animals, including mountain lions, Bengal tigers, and even an Emu. The latter is a wellspring of outdoor beauty, offering amazing picnic tables along the scenic coast of Sunset Lake.

Along with the ample activities in Bridgeton, the town also has benefits catering to retirees. In terms of healthcare, Multiple health centers operate in town, such as the Inspira Health Center Bridgeton and South Jersey Healthcare. They offer advanced services like dialysis and speech therapy, so residents can rest assured for their health. Moreover, people retiring in Bridgeton can buy their dream home, as the town has an affordable median housing value of $130,800, far below the state average of $401,400. While there aren’t many people above 65 in town, those who prefer the solace of staying at home might find this town suitable.

Surf City

Long Beach Boulevard in Surf City

Long Beach Boulevard in Surf City, New Jersey

Surf City rests on the Jersey Shore in Ocean County, offering residents and visitors scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Retirees here can have a blast, thanks to the abundant coastal activities on offer. Sunbathing, swimming, and surfing are a few ways to take advantage of the ample coastline on Long Beach Island. Moreover, the ocean is ingrained in local culture, whether it is through food, music, or heritage. For example, Baked on the Beach and Surfside Coffee House are known for their delicious waterside dishes, from seafood to cold brews.

One of Surf City’s key attractions for seniors is its high median age of 63, much higher than the state average. To this end, plenty of like-minded people are in town, promoting a strong social environment. While amenities are minimal on the island, the Stafford Township is a short drive away with everything a retiree requires. Whether this is healthcare facilities at the HMH Southern Ocean Medical Center or groceries from Costco Wholesale, there is no shortage of convenience near Surf City.


Millville, New Jersey
Millville, New Jersey

Millville, a hub of art and culture in Cumberland County, should be on every retiree’s list of destinations. Home to 27,500 residents, there is vibrance in every street, whether this is through natural attractions, art galleries, or friendly locals. Those interested in the scenery spend their days at the Maurice River Bluffs Nature Preserve, a wellspring of glistening water and thick forests. Retirees can hike along several trails to stay active and connected with New Jersey’s scenery. Similarly, for local culture, one can opt for the Glasstown Arts District, where establishments like the Levoy Theatre and Millville Historical Society showcase endless vibrance. End the day with a drink at the lively Old Oar House Irish Pub, and Millville never has a dull moment.

After all the fun, going back home in Millville is just as exciting, thanks to the town’s reasonable housing rates. An average home in town costs $185,400, far below the state median of $401,400. Thus, retirees can buy their dream home without breaking the bank. Hand in hand with the affordability, public transport is optimal, with NJ Transit managing several bus routes so seniors have no trouble traveling around town.


The municipal building of Teaneck, New Jersey.
The municipal building of Teaneck, New Jersey. Image credit KForce at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Teaneck, a bustling township in Bergen County, offers retirees a lively reprieve to spend their golden years. It is perfect for people who want to stay connected with society while still being distanced from the woes of urban centers. A normal day in town is full of life, thanks to the four commercial districts in town, each lined with fun attractions. From relaxing reading at the Teaneck Public Library to hot bagels at Teaneck Road Hot Bagels, the possibilities are endless. Those who want a more silent experience can retreat from the paved streets to the Teaneck Creek Conservancy or Indian Pond. Seniors here love to fish, hike, and picnic as they take in the beautiful outdoor surroundings.

Thanks to its prime location in Bergen County, there is no shortage of amenities and facilities in Teaneck. For example, the Holy Name Medical Center is a large healthcare facility that caters to emergency, routine, and other medical requirements. Similarly, plenty of religious facilities and recreation areas cater to all retirees. If anything does come up short, New York City is just a 25-minute drive away, with world-class solutions. To top it off, Teaneck has a low poverty rate of 5% and a high median household income of $130,000, which promotes a positive economic and social environment.

Glen Rock

Fourth of July Parade on Rock Road in Glen Rock, New Jersey.
Fourth of July Parade on Rock Road in Glen Rock, New Jersey. Editorial credit: John Arehart /

15 minutes from Teaneck lies the borough of Glen Rock, another bustling community nestled close to society. Known for its high-income residents, Glen Rock is a dream destination for many retirees in New Jersey. According to most recent figures, the town has a median household income of $202,000, making it one of the wealthiest areas in the state. Moreover, a low poverty rate of 2.3%, a low crime rate, and abundant services make it a fantastic place for all kinds of people. The only drawback is that these benefits come at a price, and an average house in Glen Rock costs $786,000, nearly double the state average.

For those who can afford the price tag of Glen Rock, the town offers plenty of amazing ways to stay entertained. Most retirees opt for the cultural attractions in town, such as the Museum at the Station and the Glen Rock Gurudwara. Whether learning about local history or indulging in Sikh culture, these spots are fun for everyone. Even a meal at local eateries like Honey Day Cafe and The Glen Rock Inn is accompanied by bustling conversations and friendly smiles. That said, no day in Glen Rock is complete without visiting Glen Rock, a 570-ton boulder that inspired the town’s name.


Aerial view of Gloucester, New Jersey.
Aerial view of Gloucester, New Jersey.

Gloucester is a dream for golden agers looking for a cozy suburb to spend their retirement. The town is known for its laid-back demeanor, evident through the relaxing attractions abound. Most people here spend their evenings in parks like the Timber Creek Park and Johnson Park. With dog off-leash areas, walking trails, and quiet scenery, they are a treat for seniors. Or, one can take in the local Irish heritage through tons of cultural activities. The most popular of these is drinking, and bars like Tavern on the Edge and The Highland Tavern cater to all alcohol needs. Add on the wonderful bar conversations for a place that keeps all retirees happy.

For those planning to retire in Gloucester, the town has some added benefits that make the deal perfect. Regarding housing, prices are affordable, with an average home costing about $166,000. This is far below the state average of $400,000, so anyone can buy the home of their dreams without burning through their savings. For people living alone, retirement homes like Cardinal Village offer assisted living facilities with trained staff that create a safe and fun environment.

New Jersey, with its scenic coastline and vibrant culture, is an abode for retirees in America. Each of the state’s small towns has a unique charm to share, whether this is natural beauty, entertainment, or great amenities. Speaking of amenities, these towns are chock-full of retirement benefits such as affordable housing, public transport, and even a safe environment. With so much to see and do combined with the comfortable surroundings, these New Jersey towns are perfect for retirees looking to enjoy their golden years,

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