Brigham City, Utah: View of the Brigham City Utah Temple and Box Elder Tabernacle.

7 Senior-Friendly Towns in Utah

Utah has much to offer, like its majestic mountains, scenic national parks, and unique landscapes. Access to these attractions grants locals and visitors fresh air and outdoor spaces that promote well-being. In addition to this, Utah also has a strong sense of community and family values, which can be particularly beneficial for seniors seeking social connections and support networks in their retirement years. Here are seven towns that offer seniors a combination of affordability, outdoor recreation, natural beauty, and community.


Hurricane, Utah: Views of the town near Zion National Park.
Hurricane, Utah: Views of the town near Zion National Park. Editorial credit: Jon Chica /

The lovely natural environment and friendly community make Hurricane an ideal place to relax and enjoy daily living. This town has several housing options to fit various personal tastes and price ranges, with the average home value sitting at $505,398.

In terms of medical care, Hurricane Valley Clinic offers multiple healthcare services, all conveniently accessible within the city limits, so residents can conveniently access top-notch medical services without traveling far.

Hurricane is perfect for anyone looking to slow down and engage in leisure time. The swimming water in Sand Hollow State Park is crystal clear, cold, and a great place to cool off on a hot day. The Sky Mountain Golf Course, known for its unique green courses and breathtaking perspective of Utah's red rock terrain, is a great place to play golf.

The Southern Utah Shooting Park offers seniors a special chance to showcase their shooting skills. This park honors the great heritage of marksmanship while providing access to a wide variety of firearms disciplines. The Shooting Park is a welcoming place for both experimenting and expert shooters.

Brigham City

Brigham City, Utah: Cityscape.
Brigham City, Utah: Cityscape. Editorial credit: Charles E Uibel /

In Brigham City, the real estate market is as inviting as its scenic surroundings. With a $415,000 median listing home price, Brigham City offers reasonably affordable housing options that attract savvy homebuyers.

There's no need to search for healthcare; Brigham City Community Hospital offers top-notch medical services to the local community.

The Box Elder Museum is a must-see for those hungry to learn about this town's culture and history. Here, fossils and minerals tell the story of Box Elder County's rich geological heritage, which spans not only Utah but the entire world. Brigham City's annual Peach Days festival celebrates the town's peach crop in style. This event is fitting for seniors because it provides food, fun, and entertainment for all ages. Seniors who want to learn more about the community might visit the Brigham City Museum-Gallery. They'll find fascinating displays featuring local artists here, along with old photos and relics that provide a window into the area's colorful past.


Nephi, Utah, USA: Front of the Juab County Courthouse.
Nephi, Utah, USA: Front of the Juab County Courthouse. Editorial credit: davidrh /

The advantages of location, climate, and great people make Nephi an attractive place to settle down. With a $554.7K median listing home price, Nephi allows homebuyers to seek affordability without compromise.

Healthcare needs are well-served in this town, with two hospitals close by—the Central Valley Medical Center and the Nephi Medical Clinic—ensuring locals have access to quality medical care.

Seniors can relax outside at Nephi City Park, which offers picnic spots, playgrounds, sports courts, and scenic walking paths.

Another calming outdoor activity is a game of golf enthusiasts; the Canyon Hills Golf Course awaits just beyond Nephi's borders. Not to mention, the south end of Nephi possesses a scenic drive along the Mt. Nebo Scenic Byway, where seniors can take in breathtaking landscapes of the Uinta National Forest and panoramic views of majestic mountains, verdant forests, and glistening lakes.


Orem, Utah, USA: Utah Valley University sign.
Orem, Utah, USA: Utah Valley University sign. Editorial credit: Daniel K. Driskill /

A town known for its backdrop of the Wasatch Range, Orem is an excellent option for seniors. This town opens its doors to homebuyers seeking a reasonable house price with the average Orem, UT home value of $493,204.

However, affordability is not the only thing that sets Orem apart. The well-known Timpanogos Regional Hospital and Orem Community Hospital provide excellent medical care to suit the needs of the town's citizens.

For anyone seeking a leisurely method to take in well crafted artwork, The Roots of Knowledge is a stunning stained-glass piece that is ideal. Appreciating art is easy here. Seniors can marvel at the elaborate patterns and eye-catching hues that appeal to all age groups.

Whether seniors enjoy theater or are simply looking for a night out in town, the Hale Center Theater Orem, a world-class talent, takes center stage in a family-friendly atmosphere that's as intimate as it is dynamic.

Regarding its natural beauty, the majestic Mount Timpanogos is surrounded by wilderness. For seniors looking to hike to the summit or simply picnic in Timpanogos Park, there's no shortage of outdoor adventures to be had in Orem.


Fall colors near Fish Lake, Richfield, Utah, USA, along FR-036 Freemont River Road.
Fall colors near Fish Lake, Richfield, Utah, USA.

Richfield's convenient location makes it easy for residents and visitors to drive to and from the state. This town has moderately priced homes, such as a median listing price of $419.9K. For a comprehensive range of easily accessible, moderately cost medical services and specializations, Richfield residents may count on Sevier Valley Hospital.

Richfield is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. In the nearby Fishlake National Forest, seniors can engage in a range of outdoor activities, including walking, fishing, camping, and wildlife observation. The forest's varied terrain and stunning vistas make it an excellent place to spend a day.

One recommended place to relax in this town is Jorgensen's Lanes. Families or senior citizens can have hours of fun and excitement playing bowling.

Cove View Golf Course provides a fantastic round of golf together with cozy mountain views. Seniors can test their talents by teeing off on the green course.

Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork, Utah, USA: Exterior entrance sign and parking lot of Olive Garden Italian restaurant.
Spanish Fork, Utah, USA. Editorial credit: Kristi Blokhin /

Spanish Fork is surrounded by beauty and heritage. Nestled in the heart of Utah, Spanish Fork offers an affordable housing market with a $499K median listing home price—making it an enticing option for prospective homeowners seeking value. Residents of Spanish Fork have access to top-notch healthcare services at Spanish Fork Hospital, conveniently located for all residents of South Utah County.

Only needing to travel south of Spanish Fork, you'll discover a semi-rural area spanning 15 acres. Here, a stunning temple, the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple, a 6,000 sq. foot residential facility, holds two outdoor stages, a covered pavilion, and amenities for a variety of animals. Among the many serene elements of this unique setting, there is a 200,000-gallon lake with a waterfall.

For seniors seeking more outdoor activities, the Spanish Fork River Trail provides a stroll along the riverbank in the morning or afternoon that is shaded. For indoor entertainment, Cinemark Spanish Fork provides lounge seats and cutting-edge amenities in an extravagant, never-ending experience.


Payson, Utah, USA: Aerial view of the beautiful temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints surrounded by green farmland.
Aerial view of Payson, Utah, USA. Editorial credit: Wirestock Creators /

Utah's Payson is certainly a picture-worthy town. This town has a lot to do for people of all ages and interests, but especially for seniors. The sensible housing market, with an average property value of $455,996, is attractive to newcomers.

It's crucial to consider medical care when settling down, and Payson's Mountain View Hospital provides professional medical treatment, ensuring that residents have access to healthcare close to home.

Nebo Loop Scenic Byway is a haven for seniors who yearn to get outside. A leisurely drive along this breathtaking road and stopping at overlooks to take stunning photos of the surroundings to send to friends and relatives is a perfect activity for seniors. Along the route, one may witness breathtaking vistas of mountains, valleys, and woods.

The annual Scottish Festival brings the community together in Payson each summer by providing a lovely mix of Scottish culture and heritage. This festive celebration offers something for everyone to enjoy, from athletic activities and traditional Scottish cuisine and crafts to traditional music and Highland dancing.

From sports to traditional Scottish food and crafts to traditional music and Highland dancing, this joyous event has something to offer everyone of all ages.

Seniors who are interested in learning more about the rich history and traditions of Payson can visit the Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center. By visiting original art exhibits, taking part in educational initiatives, and attending cultural events, both locals and tourists can learn about the history of the town.

Embrace a Vibrant and Tranquil Retirement in Utah

Utah has a variety of vibrant communities, diverse landscapes, and an excellent combination of urban and rural lifestyles. Each of these seven towns has advantages for seniors that make it a fantastic place to live. Affordable housing, many recreational and cultural activities, and a secure, easily accessible healthcare system show that these towns provide a great lifestyle for anyone. Therefore, relocating to one of these charming towns in Utah grants seniors a friendly way of life with pristine landscapes, a friendly community, and exciting experiences.

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